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Development and production of the world´s best Online Monitoring Systems for Predictive Maintenance​

PROGNOST Systems offers intelligent monitoring systems for Rotating Equipment, especially for reciprocating compressors and gearboxes, of extruder trains. Our solutions include automated machinery diagnostics, SIL-certified machine protection and performance monitoring. Especially developed solutions for Predictive Maintenance of reciprocating and centrifugal machinery detect impending failures very early and assign the affected components. Operation-critical damages are avoided and maintenance measures can be performed efficiently.

Our customers are excited about the possibilities to diagnose failures at their machinery and to get a user-friendly tool at the same time which enables them to move from preventive to Predictive Maintenance procedures.The PROGNOST Customer Support is sharing its 30 years experience as a email or phone 10/5 to 24/7 service. Our global Sales and Services network in 40 countries provides timely responses to any question and requirement – in your timezone and your local language.

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Intelligence on Duty – How does PROGNOST Systems represents itself in reality?

Proof of system capabilities and customer satisfaction

PROGNOST Systems was the only vendor who was able to proof the system capabilities and customer satisfaction through reference visits on site of existing customers

Marcus Vinicius da Silva Neves, Engineer
PETROBRAS, Brasilien

New dimension in diagnosing the equipment

Over the years, the PROGNOST® system has been proven to be highly reliable and added of us a new dimension in diagnosing the equipment

Chris Jansen, Engineer
TOTAL Raffinaderij Nederland N.V.

System avoided five unnecessary shutdowns

PROGNOST®-NT avoided five unnecessary shutdowns. Saving are approximately $ 350,000 in maintenance cost and lost profits

Ronald Ripley
Praxair, USA - CMRP, Vibration Analyst

Very effective as monitoring and protection system

PROGNOST system has been very effective both as monitoring, protection system apart from providing complete diagnostics using a array of features and tools.

Prove of profitability within a very short time

The savings resulting from the installation of the first PROGNOST® systems are measurable and the investment has proved to be profitable within a very short time

Thorsten Ladwig
Bayer Material Science Germany

“Tremendous” user training

“Tremendous” user training for my young service team

Team Lead

System payed off within nine month

Through the automatic shutdown function PROGNOST®-NT has avoided serious damage at the monitored compressor. The system payed off within nine months

Uwe Ladwig, Mgr. Production Facilities
Yara, Germany

PROGNOST Systems is an absolutely reliable partner for us

Since 1992 we have made use of the PROGNOST®-NT for continual online monitoring of 10 reciprocating compressors.
PROGNOST Systems is an absolutely reliable partner for us.

Michael Wilde, Production Engineer
Deutsche BP AG

Good Products and Services

Products work well with a good customer services

Formosa Plastics

Full compressor transparency

PROGNOST® is what it takes to have full compressor transparency

Ricardo Franco, Instandhaltung
BRASKEM, Brasilien

A very reliable monitoring system

In the past we had some big incidents with this gearbox because it was very difficult to analyze the vibrations with spot measurements. The PROGNOST® system has proven itself as a very reliable monitoring system!!

Also the open communication with the PROGNOST team and Coperion was a big plus in this case.

This way, I want to let you know that we appreciate the open communication, involvement and quick response from PROGNOST ….!


Great advantage in quality

PROGNOST Systems has a great advantage in quality compared to other companies

PCK Refinery

Absolut reliability

PROGNOST® means absolut reliability to us

Claus Pollok, Plant Manager Natural Gas Storage
e-On Hanse Germany

$250000 have been saved

All in all $250000 comparable to two line cleanings (plus labor and lost production) have been saved through the PROGNOST System. Made possible by the early failure detection module of PROGNOST®-NT.

PROGNOST® products and services are found in the key segments of the Oil & Gas industry:

  • Refining
  • Petrochemicals, especially LDPE production
  • Gas transportation and storage
  • Special applications for Marine, e.g. fuelgas injection on LNG tankers and on board of FPSO´s

With PROGNOST®-Predictor, customers successfully monitor gearboxes and bearings of extruders:

  • Plastic production (i.e. LDPE, HDPE, PP)
  • Cement
  • Pulp & Paper

PROGNOST Systems and the PROGNOST® products hold all relevant certifications to operate globally. Beside others:

  • ISO 9001
  • Production Facility ATEX
  • Products ATEX, CE, IEC61508:2010, IECEx, CSA, GOST-R-Ex, KOSHA.

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Numbers about customer satisfaction – you’ll be surprised

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