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PROGNOST®-Predictor Upgrade V7

The annual Software Upgrade for your PROGNOST®-Predictor installation consists of new features resulting from our continuous product improvement process.

How to detect valve failures with automated pV diagram analyses

How automated pV diagram analyses detect valve failures

LDPE Company avoided cost, as high as 250 M by trusting early failure detection

Detection of various valve failures on LDPE hyper compressor within the six weeks of operation saved 250 million USD in production loss

Regional Sales Manager China

Working from our partner office in Shanghai you will cooperate with the Sales and Customer Support managers in Germany for the consistent,...

Video tutorial for valve monitoring of reciprocating compressors

When watching this tutorial we will learn more about valve monitoring of reciprocating compressors. Jonas is showing us the main differences of...

Startup monitoring of LDPE Hyper compressor

After two months of unscheduled downtime, the customer asked our Customer Support team for support during compressor startup. Depending on the system...

Emergency trip avoids consequential damage

Crosshead vibration initiated immediate shutdown of the machine preventing consequential damage


We are glad to announce and invite to the PROGNOST Systems USER FORUM 2020. Mark your calendar and attend this valuable conferences in April 2020 in Muenster, Germany or in June 2020 in Houston, TX USA.

Customer Case Studies

    Tasnee facility

    Monitoring world´s largest LDPE compressor

    The Tasnee facility has 5 different plants. Next to the PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation), EC (Ethylene Cracker), PP (Polypropylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), the...

    Timely trip of a LDPE hyper compressor

    Monitored Machine The monitored machine is a secondary high pressure compressor (Hyper) in Ethylene service of LDPE production line. What happened? Sequence of events On March...

    Early detection of rider band and piston ring failure

    Shutdown due to high values of Peak-To-Peak and Piston rod position of the Booster cylinder. Monitored compressor

    Pulp & Paper industry: Roll Barring

    Roll barring is very common in the press and calendars sections with rolls that are nipped together. This example is in a...

    Lube oil camouflages component failures

    This case study demonstrates a case where – after a safety shutdown – a hyper compressor in LDPE service was restarted after it was...

    Detection of a damaged crankshaft bearing

    Information about monitored Machine Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10 10 cylinders, 2 stages, in Ethylene service for LDPE production Speed: 189 rpm Power: 11 186...

    Detection of bearing failure in a large extruder gearbox

    Introduction After a longer failure history with this gearbox, the customer decided to replace the installed spot measurement by a reliable online monitoring system. The...