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Our Customer published the following articles in his company newsletter. Download the articles by clicking the following links. Article from 2013 - Видим и контролируем Article from 2014 - Повышая надёжность компрессоров

Good Vibrations?

Reciprocating compressors
Does frame vibration offer effective protection for reciprocating compressors? For decades, reciprocating compressor monitoring was not a high priority; centrifugal machines were always the focus of operators and monitoring equipment investments. The reasons for this are partially based on the high number of centrifugal compressors,...


Order received: Germany located polyolefins producer opts for PROGNOST®-Predictor

This customer operates HDPE lines that are monitored with PROGNOST®-Predictor predecessor product SmartAdvisor. This discontinued system will be replaced with the patented monitoring technology of PROGNOST®-Predictor.

Sneak preview: PROGNOST®-Predictor V6 (Launch Juli 1st, 2018)

This years upgrade of the leading gearbox monitoring software PROGNOST®-Predictor will make the users life more easy than ever before. Not only new analyses...

Order received: Monitoring of centrifugal equipment on FSRU vessels

PROGNOST Systems was awarded an order for PROGNOST®-NT systems for three FSRU vessels (Floating Storage and Regasification unit). The system will monitor six large...
Tasnee facility

Monitoring world´s largest LDPE compressor

The Tasnee facility has 5 different plants. Next to the PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation), EC (Ethylene Cracker), PP (Polypropylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), the...

Early detection of rider band and piston ring failure

Shutdown due to high values of Peak-To-Peak and Piston rod position of the Booster cylinder. Monitored compressor: Booster Primary, Burckhardt Compression B5C 1.65 4 cylinders,...

Lube oil camouflages component failures

This case study demonstrates a case where – after a safety shutdown – a hyper compressor in LDPE service was restarted after it was...

Babbitt metal wear on crosshead

Machine data: Manufacturer: Ariel Drive power: 6150 kW (8636 hp) Speed: 700 rpm 6 cylinder Double acting, 2 stages Suction pressure: 40 bar Discharge...
Monitoring system

Abrupt Failures Demand Automatic Shutdown

When push comes to shove, trust the system Modern, online diagnostic and monitoring systems are great things to have for safe and reliable machinery operation....