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Intelligent Machine Monitoring

“Intelligent Machine Monitoring” is a video production from experts for experts. Viewers learn basics of signal analyses as well as advanced topics to improve the results of their daily work. Enjoy the movies and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. We are also open for your suggestions for topics to be explained and discussed.

Monitoring of Rolling Element Bearings (Part 1)

Tutorial for understanding the important basics of rolling element bearing monitoring. Learn what BPFO, BPFI, 2BS and FTF mean and how to detect impending bearing failures. The basis are time waveform readings from acceleration sensors that need to be transformed into FFT spectra with the specific frequency components.

Displacement sensor and wear monitoring on reciprocating compressors

As shown in previous movies there are different probes to monitor the compressor behavior. In the video we would like to talk about the proximity probe to monitor the vertical piston rod displacement. This probe is installed close to the packing and could be installed above or below the piston. Additionally a second probe per piston could be installed to monitor also the horizontal displacement. During the video we will talk about functionality and different analyses for this sensor signal.

Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies are real life cases reporting advantages of Online Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection.

Publications and Lectures

Technical articles published in magazines like CompressorTech2, Hydrocarbon Processing, PTQ, Gas Compression

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