Trends are used for long-term observation of a machine’s behavior

Using trends, you can detect both long-term changes as well as short-term deviations. Trends can be displayed, edited, and organized in the same way as online signals.

The presentation of trends is based upon averaging over time of measurement values and analyses. These are recorded every minute on the PROGNOST® monitoring computer. The trend data with one minute resolution has to be overwritten after the maximum capacity of the storage is reached (365 days, FIFO principle = First IN – First OUT).

Peak to Peak Vertical Rod Displacement

3D Trend Peak-Peak Rod Position (4 month)

Trends could be saved so that it is available for later analyses. At the same time, the trend data with one minute resolution are averaged and transferred into the trend with one hour resolution. This trend is available over the complete system’s lifetime.

The trend data can be displayed as a 2-D curve or as a 3-D diagram.