This function is gathering all relevant health and performance data of the PROGNOST®-Predictor system. Even without remote connection it allows quick health diagnostics when system issues need to be identified through the customer support of PROGNOST Systems GmbH. The system health collects information for each PROGNOST®-Predictor rack about the HDD (e.g. reaction time, disk space), Processor (e.g. temperatures) and current Network status once a day. Unhealthy conditions will be indicated in red color.

System Health

The user is also able to run a system test manually and to save the current system health results into an file which could easily be send to the customer support department of PROGNOST Systems. There the system experts are able to analyze the file and system health data to ensure a trouble free running system.

  • System health
  • Check for free disk space
  • Check for Backup
  • Check for Performance
  • Check for Check for Job History
  • Check for processor status and status history