Companies around the world are currently facing great challenges in organizing themselves in such a way that the health of all employees and at the same time business operations are guaranteed. As a technology leader in the field of Remote Machinery Diagnostics, we are in the fortunate position of being able to continue to provide comprehensive support to the majority of our customers without personal contact on site.  

The majority of PROGNOST Systems employees have been working from their home offices since March 17. This enables us to provide our contractual services largely without restrictions. We can also continue to provide you with competent advice on all questions of machine monitoring based on the existing secure remote accesses. After we were able to successfully carry out several Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) in the past few weeks, also with the help of video conferencing, we have now completed the commissioning and maintenance of PROGNOST® systems, in part with the assistance of our local service partners. This enabled us to complete important work while observing existing travel restrictions in various countries.

For those employees still present in our office, the necessary measures for effective social distancing were taken. We ask for your understanding if we ask you to refrain from personal visits without an appointment and to replace these largely by online meetings.

We hope you will understand if there are delays in the delivery of goods or reduced telephone availability.  Thank you for this in advance.  

Stay healthy.

Your PROGNOST Systems Team