We strictly demand IT security and system performance

Customer voice

To ensure that your PROGNOST® system always works securely and reliably, regular Software Maintenance is essential. Software Maintenance is an integral part of the software life cycle to protect your investment for the future. PROGNOST Systems continuously develops technical enhancements to improve the system efficiency, operational and IT safety and to optimize monitoring reliability. Service Packs optimize technical characteristics, design and apply advanced developments. Fine Tuning of all elements, functionalities and abilities improve system operation and perfectness. This will prevent the system from any upcoming vulnerability due to cyber crime or incompatibility. Software Maintenance improves your system with the latest technologies for efficient and safe operation at the highest level.

System Check

Regular inspection and maintenance of the PROGNOST® system hardware is the basis for reliable operation. PROGNOST Systems Customer Support checks all system components and settings at site and provides a comprehensive inspection report.

System checks on-site are recommended or prescribed as a Proof Test Interval according to IEC 61511.