Upgrade V5 at a Glance

It is essential that the monitoring technology of your machinery is always up-to-date. The software upgrade of your PROGNOST®‑Predictor software delivers all advantages of our ongoing product developments.

Torque Event Monitoring of Gearboxes

Large gearboxes, e.g. in extruder lines, often have torque strain gauges installed on the input and output shafts. A typical instrumentation scope for superposition gearboxes are four torque strain gauges: one on the direct drive shaft (DS), one on the annulus drive shaft (DA) and one each on the two output shafts.
Monitoring these signals is of high importance to end users to detect impending issues on the driven equipment such as shaft cracks, extruder screw collisions or process deviations, e.g. feed impurities.


  • Detect and diagnose critical torque transients
  • Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Spectral Analysis
  • Ease your loop check work with PROGNOST®-Predictor processor test
  • Rack overview
  • Reduce efforts during maintenance with the database query tool
  • Save time when analyzing vibration amplitudes
  • Notification Log and Watch List filter
  • Fall back-option for tachometer

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