Impressions of the User Forum 2023 in Houston, TX, USA

Impressions of the User Forum 2023 in Muenster, Germany

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We’re bringing together global thought leaders to share insights and solutions to the greatest challenges facing the future of intelligent machine monitoring. Hear from thought leaders driving change in industries using reciprocating and rotating equipment.

Our PROGNOST User Forum is designed to share best practice and discuss the challenges that end-users face in the operation on-site and back office environments. This event is a great way to pass on expertise and knowledge about PROGNOST technology. You will hear from our solutions experts about updates on functionalities and best practices. Customers will share how they are getting the most out of their analysis applications and how it is driving success, addressing challenges, and improving engagement.

Why you should attend the User Forum?

Your visit of the User Forum will give you the chance to save time and effort in your daily operation with the PROGNOST system. We support you to handle your online condition monitoring in the most efficient way. Learn key information that is crucial to get the most out of your PROGNOST products while advancing your professional development.

The presentations, training, hands-on workshops, and customer case studies provide valuable insights and professional development to expand your machinery diagnostic capabilities. Diagnostic and system hardware experts will help expand your skill and knowledge to meet your company needs.

Benefit from the improvements of digital and advanced analytics. What are PROGNOST digital solutions and how can you get the most out of your machine by using them? Enhance your technical knowhow about reciprocating and rotating equipment for health monitoring and enhancing the reliability.

Key learnings

  • System functions:
    • Learn the importance of dynamic pressure readings and its diagnostic features.
    • Hear all about the recommended sensor positioning for best signal acquisition.
  • Early failure detection:
    • How to deal with packing leakage indication during compression phase.
    • Detect performance dissipation and identify bad actors.
  • Machine protection:
    • How do you practice 360° protection? Signal plausibility, algorithms, voting schemes.
    • Analyze different failures on rotating machines.

The User Forum is going to allow you to

  • Increase your skills through training, hands-on sessions, and expert advice
  • Gather new ideas from leaders in our industry and share these with your team
  • Build your company’s reputation through face-to-face networking with industry experts and PROGNOST Systems personnel
  • Grow your business by serving the most promising industries and applications with PROGNOST solutions

User meeting with tradition and long history

The first PROGNOST User Forum was held in the USA in 2003. Already at that time, numerous customers and users of our PROGNOST®-NT system registered their participation. This popularity quickly spread, which is why the first international PROGNOST User Forum 2006 in Germany was also very popular. In total, we organized more than 10 user meetings in Germany and the USA, whose presentations and discussions are just as valuable as a user training. They serve as an extensive knowledge exchange in the form of customer case studies including question and answer sessions. Today, the User Forum is well established, with users worldwide looking forward to sharing their experiences and benefiting from the knowledge of other users. Colleagues from the same group but from other countries, as well as employees from the same industries, appreciate the event as a valuable enrichment for overcoming challenges in their daily work.