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Pulp & Paper industry: Roll Barring

Roll barring is very common in the press and calendars sections with rolls that are nipped together. This example is in a...

Extruder Train Diagnostics

Essential Capabilities Every Monitoring and Diagnostic System Must Have A Straightforward Guide to Extruder Train Diagnostics Monitoring takes place on the gearboxes of the extruder, melt...

Pulp & Paper industry: Bearing defect on 2nd Press CC Roll

This case is presenting a defect of a Triple Ring Bearing at the 2nd Press CC Roll. CC refers to “Controlled Crown”....

Practical Guide: How to source systems for Predictive Maintenance (PdM)

Safe, reliable and efficient Predictive Maintenance technology. Ask the right question to your CMS vendor. Choose best system for your Rotating Equipment.

Get the Profit: Return on Investment of Condition Monitoring Systems

Condition monitoring can substantially reduce the cost of consequence by avoiding catastrophic failures and reducing the frequency of incidents by providing realtime...


PROGNOST®-SILver is a flexible and fast platform for integrated asset protection. It offers everything operators and instrumentation professionals call for All this in one rack. This system is designed to provide machinery protection while maximizing production uptime.

PROGNOST®-Predictor Upgrade V7

The annual Software Upgrade for your PROGNOST®-Predictor installation consists of new features resulting from our continuous product improvement process.