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Customer Support

When PROGNOST Systems project managers finalize the installation of your new system, it does not mean you are on your own. Our Customer Support team stands by in the critical moments, e.g. during initial system and machinery start-up and during the entire lifecycle of the installation.

We support all PROGNOST® users to reach their ultimate goal to successfully monitor and protect their machinery and to operate their Rotating Equipment reliably and efficiently.

Remote access

Your PROGNOST contact has remote, online access to your system*) and supports you based on monitoring analyses and system outputs. In addition, all questions about your PROGNOST® installation – from measuring loops to DCS connection – are answered based on the data of your system.

*) 97% of all PROGNOST®-NT installations are equipped with the remote access functionality.

Machinery Health Reports and Root Cause Analyses

This precise examination of online and trend data allows detection of abnormal conditions in early stages.

Hotline Support

Expert know-how around the clock and around the world!

Trainings and system support

User Seminars

Your smooth start into successful machinery monitoring.

Software Upgrade

Experiences annually transformed into bits and bytes.

System Maintenance

Timely replacement of any component built in individual customer systems.

Temporary or periodic monitoring of rotating equipment (PROGNOST®-NT Swift)

Typical applications:
  • Commissioning of new equipment (initial start-up)
  • Regular operations following substantial overhauls or repairs
  • Troubleshooting with extensive root cause analyses
  • Gapless monitoring with trending of various analyses (e. g. wear monitoring)
  • Record with complete fingerprint of machine operation characteristics

Modular support offering

To provide a package of services tailored to your needs, we have developed a modular Service Agreement. It covers all of the options, allowing you to choose the service you need, when you need it. This customized approach is the best way for you to plan for contingencies and assure an ample Return-on-Investment.

Support level agreements