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When PROGNOST Systems project managers finalize the installation of your new system, it does not mean you are on your own. Our Customer Support team stands by in the critical moments, e.g. during initial system and machinery start-up and during the entire lifecycle of the installation.

We support all PROGNOST® users to reach their ultimate goal of Predictive Maintenance: successfully monitor and protect their machinery and to operate their Rotating Equipment reliably and efficiently.

Remote access to customer system

Your PROGNOST Customer Support contact has remote, online access to your system*) and supports you based on monitoring analyses and system outputs you see, both in parallel and in realtime. This is the best way to answer all questions; from machine diagnoses to measuring loops or the DCS connection based on the data of your system. *) 97% of all PROGNOST®-NT installations are equipped with the remote access functionality.

Machinery Health Reports and

Root Cause Analysis

Machinery Health Reports are written status reports compiled by the diagnostic experts of PROGNOST Systems. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the monitoring data of your PROGNOST® system. The health reports provide high-quality assessments operators can rely on to roll-out their Predictive Maintenance campaigns. They can be ordered on an annual, half-year, quarterly or monthly basis. The Weekly Reassessment transfers the regular analysis workload from your desk to the PROGNOST Customer Support team. Thus you get the best system output with the lowest effort. In case of machinery anomalies, On-demand reports with root cause analysis help identifying the most efficient maintenance measures.

10/5 and 24/7 Phone Helpdesk

Phone Hotline Support is a valuable resource and provides expert know-how around the clock. Remote access to your system allows fast and efficient support.

  • Support teams are located in Germany and USA
  • Your PROGNOST contact has remote access to your system and supports you based on analyses and system outputs.
  • All questions about your PROGNOST® installation – from measuring loops to DCS connection – are answered, too.

In-depth knowledge supports your decision-making process and helps you achieve your maintenance and operational goals.

Helpdesk Service

Upon email inquiry users receive written support by email from our experts the following day. This service is available from Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET.
This service supports the operation and use of the PROGNOST® system and is for interpretation of the data recorded by the PROGNOST® system.

No user will be left alone

Initial start-ups of new compressors, machines with a failure history, production assests going back online after overhauls – these are the critical moments in which online monitoring and diagnostic expertise is required. 

The importance and complexity of a full-function monitoring system require ongoing support so you can exploit the full benefits of the system and maximize your return on investment with Predictive Maintenance. The support you receive comes in the form of training and assistance to help you fully utilize your system, as well as in continuous product development to keep your system state-of-the-art for the longest possible time span.

The most beneficial customer support contracts are those that give you flexibility. The amount of support you need will decrease over time. Our service contracts allow you to step-down the level of support, enabling you to pay only for the services you need as you and your personnel grow in knowledge of the system.

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 Trainings and system support

  • User Seminars Your smooth start into successful machinery monitoring
  • Software Upgrade Experiences annually transformed into bits and bytes
  • System Maintenance Timely replacement of any component built in individual customer systems.


Temporary or periodic monitoring service of Rotating Equipment

Typical applications for temporary monitoring:
  • Commissioning of new equipment (initial start-up)
  • Regular operations following substantial overhauls or repairs
  • Troubleshooting with extensive root cause analyses
  • Gapless monitoring with trending of various analyses (e. g. wear monitoring)
  • Record with complete fingerprint of machine operation characteristics

Customer Support Offering

Modular Services Package

To provide a package of services tailored to your needs, we have developed a Modular Service Agreement. It covers all of the options, allowing you to choose the service you need, when you need it. This customized approach is the best way for you to plan for contingencies and assure an ample Return-on-Investment.