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Configuration Software

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User-friendly rack configuration with PROGNOST®-Admin

Convenient and time-efficient configuration

Library for drag and drop selections

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SIL 3-certified voting logic

PROGNOST®-SILver offers an unparalleled variety of voting options. PROGNOST®-Admin, the easy-to-use hardware configuration tool included with the system, allows you to use simple drag and drop features to set up highly sophisticated, multi-level voting schemes.
  • Voting configuration with pre-defined functional blocks
  • Alarm logic up to fi ve logic levels
  • Voting options: 1 out of X, 2 out of X, all out of X Voting results can factor into other voting groups
  • Voting logic triggers relay outputs
  • Alarm logic can factor in any status value (e.g., exception ranges, sensor, signal, analyses, digital input, voting results)
  • Bypass on machine and sensor level