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Certified SIL 2 hardware that provides operators with machine protection analyses that are recognized and proven worldwide.

What it does

Signal acquisition

This is a pure machine protection system (MPS) with the possibility to shut down your machinery automatically in case of a severe mechanical damage. A total of 68 input channels from up to 8 machines can be monitored in parallel. Advanced analyses like e.g. 36 segments RMS (root mean square) and various machine protection plausibility checks ensure a reliable and early shutdown.

Signal Plausibility Check

PROGNOST® uses specialized signal processing to avoid false alarms caused by electrical or hardware failures such as broken or loose wires, short circuits or broken terminals. Even out-of-range signals are identified and indicated as “UNSAFE“. Users are  informed about any “UNSAFE” loop immediately.

Signal analyses

The intelligent combination of vibration, dynamic rod position, dynamic cylinder pressure and temperatures analyses provides the most reliable shutdown parameters in the industry. The PROGNOST Systems invention of “Segmented Vibration Analysis” and a  unique algorithm ensure fast, reliable machine shutdown, and no false alarms.

Signal recording with PROGNOST®-DataCenter

Compiling and saving recordings of online signals and trends is a real novelty in the world
of hardware-based Machine Protection. PROGNOST®-DataCenter offers a variety of benefits,
such as:

  • Failure root cause analyses by diagnostic experts in case of an emergency shutdown (what, where, why)
  • Perfectly accurate safety limits setting, based on long-term signal recordings
  • Trend and status information are forwarded to the DCS via the PROGNOST®-DataCenter
  • If recording function is activated, recorded data can be downloaded from the PROGNOST®-DataCenter and can be transferred to PROGNOST Customer Support. This data allows a root cause analysis with reports performed by the PROGNOST Customer Support


PROGNOST®-SILver machine protection system (MPS)

PROGNOST®-SILver is the machinery protection system for reciprocating machines which holds a SIL 2 certificate by design (IEC61508:2010). The certificate includes all shutdown loops connected (max. 68). The intelligent combination of vibration, dynamic rod position, dynamic cylinder pressure and temperatures provides the most reliable shutdown capability for recips in the industry.

The PROGNOST invention of “segmented vibration analysis” and a unique algorithm ensure quick, reliable machine shutdown and a minimized risk for false alarms. PROGNOST®-SILver also includes sophisticated analyses to detect bearing, shaft and casing problems for any centrifugal machine.