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Diagnoses bearings and gearboxes to detect impending failures very early

What it does

Automated component diagnostics

PROGNOST®-Predictor never sleeps. The system continuously monitors critical machinery, warns of impending faults and allows proactive measures to be taken to avoid catastrophic failures. Specific analyses monitor multiple component types, including sleeve and rolling element bearings, gears, motors and shafts – providing health information and historical data.

Alarming based on consecutive threshold crossing

The alarm logic has configurable consecutive threshold crossing logic. The high vibration must be measured a consecutive number of times before the alarm condition is declared.

Confidence Factor

PROGNOST®-Predictor features the Confidence Factor (Patent 9,091,588 B2) on each analysis. Confidence Factor is a pattern recognition technique that quantifies the similarity of the measured peaks to the expected fault peak frequencies and pattern. The Confidence Factor provides a strong indication of whether a measurement actually represents a real fault or damage.

Userfriendly interface

Component centric visualization that is much more than a “data display” software. It allows active access to all kinds of signals, analyses, watchlist and logbook entries. User friendly design of functions, views and data access allows even untrained users to receive all basic health information of the components with a few clicks.

Software Upgrade

Why upgrade your software?

It is essential that the monitoring technology of your machinery is always up-to-date. For more information about software upgrade click here.



PROGNOST®-Predictor gearbox and bearing diagnostic system

PROGNOST®-Predictor helps you to manage critical areas in your process. Whether your priority is to reduce off-quality production, increase efficiency, lengthen equipment life or reduce unscheduled downtime, this solution offers management tools and expert advice to help you to achieve your goals. Combining all of the PROGNOST®-Predictor capabilities results in optimal health of your machine and supports your Preventive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance management.

PROGNOST®-Predictor has provided rapid return on investment especially in applications for the petrochemical, cement and paper industry, by providing insight into the root cause of production issues.