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All web seminars are personalized for all user types and needs. The number of sessions depends on the system scope, knowledge and customer request. Among the individual sessions pre-defined topics are as follows:

Initial User Seminar (7-9 sessions)

The Initial User seminar is the start-up training. Expert instructions enable you to evaluate the condition of your machine and perform accurate failure analyses.

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Instrumentation Seminar (3-4 sessions)

Participants of the Instrumentation Specialists will learn about the fundamentals of the PROGNOST® hard- and software. Component replacement recommendations and general troubleshooting procedures are included.

Operator Seminar (1-2 sessions)

The material for control room personnel covers the basics for using condensed machine condition information and a quick overview of simple system status.

Advanced User Seminar (3-4 sessions)

The Advanced User covers advanced diagnostic methods and root cause analyses.

Individual hands-on sessions are possible as well:

  • Condition evaluation
  • Case histories discussions
  • System related topics

Seminar elements

Each web seminar consists of the same elements, live sessions extended by self-guided parts.
Participants have access to the PROGNOST Campus (web seminar center and self-guided platform) for a self-assessment and to refresh your existing knowledge:

  • Video Content
  • Presentations
  • Tests

The self-assessment is followed by individual live sessions moderated by a PROGNOST Customer Support specialist (each 90 minutes)
Finally all web seminar material is available at the PROGNOST Campus as reference material plus certificates for each participant when the seminar concludes.

Prerequisites & Requirements

Each attendee is recommended to use an individual computer with a microphone, speaker and webcam. During the live sessions, each attendee will follow along with the seminar on his computer, and will communicate verbally or by chat with the moderator. In order to have the most productive and valuable seminar, it is recommended to complete the sessions on the PROGNOST Campus before and after the scheduled live seminar. Attendees can take advantage of the supplemental material which is made accessible to deepen user knowledge. Knowledge checks and self-assessments are available before and after the seminar to provide the opportunity to ensure knowledge transference and competency. Interactive surveys during the live sessions and evaluations after each session, enrich the course content and ensure an active participation. If requested, statistics can be shared with the customer organizer.

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