Safe and reliable operation of complex production units requires early and reliable shutdown in case of a severe machine problem. After such machine trip it is difficult to decide what repair activity is necessary in order to be able to restart the production as soon as possible. Standard machinery protection systems do not give the possibility to support the decision process.

DataCenter KeyVisual

Datastorage for PROGNOST®-SILver

PROGNOST®-DataCenter is the solution for archiving data of a standalone PROGNOST®-SILver for root cause analysis in case of machine issues and as interface via softlink protocols from the machine protection system to the PLC/DCS .

For the data visualization on the PROGNOST®-DataCenter a little bit less functional PROGNOST®-NT VISU is available.

Main features:

  • One PROGNOST®-DataCenter can handle the data of one PROGNOST®-SILver
  • High availability of data ensured by a Raid 1 system
  • Robust, industry-suited constructions
  • Support by redundant power supply to enhance the operational safety
  • Designed for 24/7 days a week
  • High reliability and longevity
  • EMC-compatible designs for reduced electromagnetic perturbing radiation and improved electromagnetic susceptibility, CE mark and declaration of conformity for certified versions.
  • Suitable for safe area applications and also Ex area in conjunction with the PROGNOST®-SILver Ex Field Housing.

Data Visualization Software

For visualization and data transfer requirements a PROGNOST®-NT VISU is installed on the PROGNOST®-DataCenter. It is also possible to install the software on a local PC if this pc is able to connect via a local network to the PROGNOST®-DataCenter.

  • Visualization of Online Data
  • Showing machine’s or system process data
  • Usage of system diagnosis from sensor via the PROGNOST®-SILver to the PROGNOST®-DataCenter
  • Status display for PROGNOST®-SILver
  • Data transmission for external analysis

Datastorage for Root Cause Analysis and Status Reports

The recording function of the PROGNOST®-DataCenter enables the recording and storage of all data samples received from the PROGNOST®-SILver protection rack. Transient ring buffers, analysis trends and event lists are available for download. Regularly or on demand this data can be transferred for detailed analysis to the PROGNOST Customer Support Portal for Root Cause Analysis or regular status reports.

Modbus Interface for DCS/PLC

The PROGNOST®-DataCenter can be used as Data Interface to a DCS/PLC system via Modbus connection (RS232, RS485/RS422). Received data from the DCS/PLC can be visualized as online signal or simple trend inside of the PROGNOST®-DataCenter visualization software.

The data transfer to the DCS/PLC can be as follows:

  • Results of Machine Protection analyses
  • Protection limit violations (all Machine Protection analyses)
  • Diagnoses and status for PROGNOST®-SILver components

Related Service Offerings

PROGNOST®-DataCenter Services supply the necessary information to support your decision process. On the basis of recorded trend, event and transient ring buffer data, received from an installed PROGNOST®-SILver rack, our specialists can support you by analyzing this data and providing an interpretation and recommendation to you. Further they will support with handling and maintaining the systems hardware. These specialists have extensive know how in machinery technology, data analyses and system operation gained within 30 years of customer support.

By granting remote access to the device or by downloading the recorded data set from the PROGNOST®-DataCenter and uploading this data onto our PROGNOST Customer Support Portal, the analysis procedure can be handled. This way no intense training of your personnel is required while benefiting from full expert support.

Root Cause Analysis

For detailed evaluation of recorded data we offer comprehensive Root Cause Analysis after critical situations, such as an emergency shutdown or an alert. A short report will be provided to you within 24 hours after receipt of the data.

Status reports

The development of the machine status can be documented in a regular report and serves as the basis for your long-term maintenance decisions. Our analysis specialists evaluate the course of trends, events and changes and will comment on them. These recommendations support you in planning the right measures for a machine overhaul and in assessing the effectiveness of these measures afterwards.


The Helpdesk offers direct personal contact to the PROGNOST Customer Support group and provides qualified support. It enables you to ensure the proper functioning of your system and to receive answers regarding system operation, loop and hardware maintenance.

Recommendation for optimized protection limits

Based on the recorded trend data the PROGNOST Customer Support team provides recommendations to improve protection limit settings. This ensures that applied protection limits are still in accordance with the operating behavior of the machine or in accordance with your company’s directives. To increase the effectiveness of the protection system and consequently the protection of your operation while preventing nuisance trips, this service is strongly recommended.