PROGNOST®-DataCenter – Datastorage


Safe and reliable operation of complex production units requires early and reliable shutdown in case of a severe machine problem. After such machine trip it is difficult to decide what repair activity is necessary in order to be able to restart the production as soon as possible. Standard machinery protection systems do not give the possibility [...]

PROGNOST®-DP1-2 – Integrated Display


Integrated Display for PROGNOST®-SILver The integrated display allows quick access to relevant data of the PROGNOST®-SILver system. It is mounted in the top center section of the rack. The PROGNOST®-SILver status page is displayed on the screen to have real-time information where you need it. PROGNOST®-SILver with integrated Display PROGNOST®-DP1-2 Benefits Display of relevant data of [...]

PROGNOST®-Navigator – Field Display


PROGNOST®-Navigator the Field Display for the Use in Hazardous Areas The PROGNOST®-Navigator is a touch panel with a TFT color wide screen display, designed for field data monitoring. The PROGNOST®-Navigator provides more accessible information to have an intelligent response to increasingly complex processes and instrumentation. It displays data of the monitored machine trains as well as [...]

PROGNOST®-Admin – Configuration software


PROGNOST®-SILver configuration software Convenient and time efficient configurationUser friendly, self-explaining, intuitive usageDedicated configuration rights avoid unauthorized accessConfiguration secured by hardware lock and passwordCommunication of the hardware rack with the configuration software via Ethernet protocol Library for drag and drop selections An extensive library of pre-defined machine types, machine components, and sensors allows drag and drop configuration of [...]

PROGNOST®-SILver – Machinery Protection


PROGNOST®-SILver meets your machinery protection system needs – for all machinery PROGNOST®-SILver is a flexible, SIL 3 certified platform for integrated asset protection. It offers everything operators and instrumentation professionals call for. This machinery protection system is designed to provide machine protection while maximizing production uptime. This hardware incorporates a smart modular concept that enables you [...]

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