User Seminars


User Seminars I am new in the field of monitoring and I need training Customer voice PROGNOST seminars teach the basics of reciprocating compressor technology as well as frequency analysis on centrifugal equipment. Furthermore, system operation and optimization will be trained. Our analysis specialists explain technology, procedures and functions allowing you to better interpret monitoring data [...]



Helpdesk I want a responsive Customer Support to confirm my decisionsCustomer voice Our Helpdesk service is an integral part of the Service Level Agreement and offers direct personal contact to the PROGNOST Customer Support team. Our Customer Support team provides interpretation of the recorded data as well as system operation consultation. Helpdesk enables customers to verify [...]

Analyses and Reports


Analyses and Reports I want to outsource regular machine assessmentsCustomer voice Analyses and reports are compiled by the diagnostic experts of PROGNOST Systems. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the monitoring data, trend analyses and customer feedback to provide assessments, which operators can rely on. Machine Condition Evaluation On a regular basis (annually, semiannually, quarterly, [...]

Software Maintenance and Upgrade


Software Maintenance and Upgrade We set strict requirements for IT security and system performance Customer voice To ensure that your PROGNOST® system always works securely and reliably, regular Software Maintenance is essential. Software Maintenance is an integral part of the system health to protect your investment against obsolescence and ensures system stability. PROGNOST continuously develops enhancements [...]

Temporary Machinery Diagnostics


Diagnostic support based on temporarily acquired PROGNOST® data PROGNOST®-NT Swift Initial start-ups of new compressors, machines with a failure history or production assets going back online after overhauls – these are the critical moments in which online monitoring and diagnostic expertise is required. The PROGNOST Customer Support offers several options to monitor your rotating equipment. From [...]

System Maintenance


System Maintenance We need assistance when maintaining the monitoring systemCustomer Voice Regular inspection and maintenance of a PROGNOST® system hardware is the basis for reliable operation. An system check is a valuable service offer on the service agreement which can be set to annual or every other year. PROGNOST Customer Support checks the functionality of the [...]

Modular Service Offering


Modular Service Offering Safe and reliable operation of complex production units requires early and precise information on the machine status, and operating conditions. This information forms the basis for maintenance planning and supports decisions to increase uptime. PROGNOST® supplies this information for reciprocating and centrifugal machinery with high precision and reliability. Our specialists can support you [...]

Web Seminar


Web Seminar All web seminars are personalized for all user types and needs. The number of sessions depends on the system scope, knowledge and customer request. Among the individual sessions pre-defined topics are as follows: Initial User Seminar (7-9 sessions) The Initial User seminar is the start-up training. Expert instructions enable you to evaluate the condition [...]

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