The media section is showing all about our Products and Customer Support offerings. We start with videos, which are hosted on YouTube, about general topics from the field of online condition monitoring and machinery protection. You will also find all brochures about our products and service offering here.

The section about customer case studies will take you on a journey from the first point of the machine issue until the final diagnosis on several different problems. The published articles part includes mostly technical articles published in magazines like CompressorTech2, Hydrocarbon Processing, PTQ, Gas Compression.

Intelligent Machine Monitoring (YouTube series)

“Intelligent Machine Monitoring” is a video production from experts for experts. Viewers learn basics of signal analyses as well as advanced topics to improve the results of their daily work. Enjoy the movies and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. We are also open for your suggestions for topics to be explained and discussed.

YouTube channel PROGNOST

Technical Terms

The category of “technical terms” includes words or phrases that have a specific meaning. These terms are often complex and specialized, and are used to describe concepts, processes, equipment, or materials unique to that field.

Online condition monitoring

Online condition monitoring is a vital aspect of modern industrial operations. With the increasing complexity of industrial systems, it has become essential to monitor and analyze various parameters to ensure smooth [...]

Machinery protection

Machinery protection is a critical aspect of ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of rotating machines. These machines are essential in many industrial processes, and protecting them from damage and failure [...]

Wireless monitoring

Wireless machine monitoring refers to the use of wireless sensors and communication technologies to monitor the health and performance of machines in real-time. By installing wireless sensors such as the PROGNOST®-Wireless [...]

Unified Namespace

Unified Namespace refers to the concept of creating a single, unified namespace for all resources in a distributed computing system. In a distributed computing environment, different resources such as servers, applications, [...]

Root cause analysis

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an important process for identifying and addressing the underlying causes of machine issues. Whether it is a malfunctioning piece of equipment or a system failure, Root [...]

Condition-based maintenance (CBM)

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is a proactive maintenance approach that involves monitoring the health and performance of equipment in real-time, and performing maintenance tasks only when necessary. With condition-based maintenance, maintenance is [...]


The brochures are showing all about our Products and Customer Support offerings.

Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies are real life cases reporting advantages of Online Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection.

Best practices for compressor vibration monitoring: Where sensors need to be positioned for reciprocating compressor monitoring

Sensors for compressor monitoring For permanent condition monitoring and reliable [...]

Publications and Lectures

Technical articles published in magazines like CompressorTech2, Hydrocarbon Processing, PTQ, Gas Compression

Early Stage Recognition of unusual Wear Conditions at a Refinery in Texas

Residual abrasive contaminants in new process units can cause rapid wear out of rider bands in reciprocating compressors. Those abnormal wear conditions can be detected at an early stage by continuously monitoring the proximity measures. As a result, costly damages to the compressors can be avoided.

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