Online Condition Monitoring is essential for your Rotating Machinery

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Safe and efficient operation of reciprocating compressors

Safe, reliable and efficient Predictive Maintenance technology. Ask the right question to your CMS vendor. Learn what you need and choose the best system for your machinery.

LDPE company avoided costs, by trusting Machine Monitoring System

Detection of various valve failures on LDPE hyper compressor within the six weeks of operation saved 250 million USD in production loss. This was realized by using the deep diagnostics of the PROGNOST®-NT online condition monitoring system.

Component centric machine status with marked components in "off reference" condition

Access to vital machinery health information

The PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard provides machinery health information via a computer network without the need for a local installation of the User Interface PROGNOST®-NT VISU. It is available with PROGNOST®-NT Version 21. Customer oriented solutions like provision of analysis results for detailed analyses and trend compilation executed by the customer or implementation as an on-premise solution.

Machine diagnostic technology for Rotating Equipment

The perfect solution for critical and uncritical Rotating Equipment. Machine operators who need to extend their MTBM (Meantime between Maintenance) by early failure detection rely on at least some of the PROGNOST®-NT software modules.

Since 1992 we have made use of the PROGNOST®-NT for continual online monitoring of 10 reciprocating compressors.
Production Engineer
Over the years, the PROGNOST® system has been proven to be highly reliable and added of us a new dimension in diagnosing the equipment
PROGNOST® systems are used in several refineries for higher safety and reliability of our compressors.
Rotating Equipment Specialist

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