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These brochures contain information about our products and upgrades, our services, and our company.

Extruder Train Diagnostics

Essential Capabilities Every Monitoring and Diagnostic System Must Have A Straightforward Guide to Extruder Train Diagnostics Monitoring takes place on the...


PROGNOST Systems has earned the distinction of being the recognized leader in the field of Asset Performance Management for...


Monitoring in LDPE service Monitoring of machines in LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) service demands a highly adaptable and reliable technology....


PROGNOST®-SILver is a flexible and fast platform for integrated asset protection. It offers everything operators and instrumentation professionals call for All this in one rack. This system is designed to provide machinery protection while maximizing production uptime.


PROGNOST®-SenSim is a portable device for the simulation of sensor signals. It simulates static and dynamic signals for measuring loop test routines.


PROGNOST®-Predictor helps you to manage critical areas in your process. Whether your priority is to reduce off-quality production, increase efficiency, lengthen equipment life or reduce unscheduled downtime, this solution offers management tools and expert advice to help you to achieve your goals. Combining all of the PROGNOST®-Predictor capabilities results in optimal health of your machine and supports your Preventive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance management.


PROGNOST®-NT is the perfect solution for critical and uncritical Rotating Equipment. Machine operators who need to extend their MTBM (Meantime between Maintenance) by early failure detection rely on at least some of the PROGNOST®-NT software modules.

Customer Case Studies

Customer case studies are real life cases reporting advantages of Online Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection.

Babbitt metal wear on crosshead

Machine data: Manufacturer: Ariel Drive power: 6150 kW (8636 hp) Speed: 700 rpm 6 cylinder Double acting, 2 stages ...

Early detection of rider band and piston ring failure

Shutdown due to high values of Peak-To-Peak and Piston rod position of the Booster cylinder. Monitored compressor: Booster Primary, Burckhardt...

Pulp & Paper industry: Bearing defect on 2nd Press CC Roll

This case is presenting a defect of a Triple Ring Bearing at the 2nd Press CC Roll. CC refers...

Consequential damages of failed lubrication

PROGNOST® successfully detected irregularities during the supply of lube oil at the crosshead. Based on two case studies, the...

Monitoring world´s largest LDPE compressor

The Tasnee facility has 5 different plants. Next to the PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation), EC (Ethylene Cracker), PP (Polypropylene) and...

Compressor Monitoring in a shale oil plant

Often, reciprocating compressors are used to handle very dirty and corrosive gases that have a negative Impact on the...

Published Articles

Technical articles published in magazines like CompressorTech2, Hydrocarbon Processing, PTQ, Gas Compression

Early Recognition of abnormal Wear Conditions

Residual abrasive contaminants in new process units can cause rapid wear of rider bands in reciprocating compressors. Those abnormal wear conditions can be detected...

SIL and functional safety in rotating equipment

Unravelling the terminology and meaning of safety integrity level and functional safety in rotating equipment SIL (Safety Integrity Level) is a very important safety indicator...
Safe and efficient operation of reciprocating compressors

A Practical Guide: How to select Online Condition Monitoring Systems

Experts worldwide agree – the only way to ensure safe, reliable, efficient, economical operation of reciprocating compressors is to monitor them continuously and take...
automatic diagnosis

Challenges associated with the application of automatic diagnosis to Rotating Euqipment

The past 20 years have seen continuous progress in the technological means available for monitoring the condition of Rotating Equipment. For years, machine protection...

Monitoring system keeps small fault from becoming catastrophic

Segmented vibration analysis triggers timely shutdown In the 200 ms it takes for one revolution of a crankshaft, everything can change. In that brief span...

Machine monitoring/protection/shutdown now in one SIL 3 certified device

PROGNOST®-SILver sets a higher benchmark for protection and uptime of reciprocating compressors and rotating equipment Machine monitoring/protection/shutdown now in one SIL 3 certified device Rheine, Germany:...