To successfully configure the PROGNOST®-SILver use the PROGNOST®-Admin software and proceed the following steps.

  • Configure Your PROGNOST®-SILver in Digital
  • Configure Your Environment
  • Machines
  • Components
  • Groups
  • Sensors
  • Analyses
  • Votings
  • Digital In/Outputs
  • Configure Users

After configuration, which can be done locally, the next step is to transfer the data to your PROGNOST®-SILver.

  • Establish the hardware connection between the PC and PROGNOST®-SILver.
  • Write configuration to the PROGNOST®-SILver. A user with the role system manager is required to do this.
  • Confirm that the Validation Code needs to be used for activation of the configuration.
  • The upcoming Validation Report is confirmed by your validation code.
  • After the transfer of the configuration the PROGNOST®-SILver will reboot to finalize the configuration.