This instruction explains the data collection and transfer of data between the customer system and PROGNOST Systems, if a remote connection to the customer system is not available. In this case, the end user collects and safes the recorded data and sends this data to PROGNOST Systems.

The data, stored by the PROGNOST® Monitoring System, is important for the analysis of the machine condition.

We distinguish between online data, trend data and ring buffer files (10 minutes of uncompressed data for every start/stop or alarm event).

For a quick and efficient transfer of data, export the data from the PROGNOST®-NT system and upload it to the PROGNOST Cloud.

The normal process of data export, transfer, and analysis will go through the following steps. Depending on the provided data intermediate steps can be necessary.

  • Select the machine of interest
  • Right click to open the context menu and choose the command Zip Data for Extern…
  • In the upcoming window configure the Target directory (storage for zip file), the contents of the Zip file (select all options, if you are not sure please ask the PROGNOST Systems Customer Support Team which files are necessary) and the time period for which you want to export.

DataExport 1

  • Upload to Zip file to the PROGNOST Systems Cloud
  • Handover to PROGNOST Systems Customer Support Team
  • Discussion of upcoming tasks with the PROGNOST Systems Customer Support Team