General Company Information

Learn all about the company PROGNOST Systems and our products and service offerings. Understand our leading condition monitoring technologies.

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Recips and Rotating Machines

Get to know our PROGNOST®-NT and PROGNOST®-SILver, the systems for condition monitoring and machine protection of reciprocating machines.

  • Product brochures – PROGNOST®-NT, PROGNOST®-SILver, Cloud Dashboard, PROGNOST®-SenSim
  • Industry oriented brochures – LDPE, LNG
  • How to Guide – 12 essential cabilities to select a monitoring system for a reciprocating compressor
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Bearings and Gears

This package gives you insights about our systems for automated diagnostics of gearboxes and components.

  • Product brochures – PROGNOST®-Predictor, PROGNOST®-Predictor Upgrade,  PROGNOST®-SenSim
  • Industry specific brochures – PROGNOST for LDPE
  • How to Guide – Extruder Train Diagnostics
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Pumps, Fans, Motors, etc.

This package is for machines with less process criticallity. Download the package about our solution for wireless vibration monitoring and signal acquisition.

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