Rejoice with us! These days we celebrated our 22nd birthday. Since 2000, the terms ConditionMonitoring and Machine protection have been inseparably linked with the name PROGNOST Systems GmbH.
For the birthday celebration, we first gathered for a group photo in front of our headquarters in rheine.begeistert. You can clearly see: we are growing steadily and already have many colleagues on board who support us with their expertise. And everyone feels comfortable with us.
Congratulations PROGNOST! Here’s to many more years of automated diagnosis and monitoring of machines with PROGNOST Systems GmbH.
At the celebration, Managing Director Eike Drewes said goodbye to Skip in his well-deserved retirement. Thank you Skip for your enthusiasm for our products.


Left: Alex Deitermann gets embraced by Skip Morisson. Right: Eike Drewes is happy while Skip Morisson is holding a beer in his hand.