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User Seminars

2020-06-05T10:04:56+02:0016. August 2019|Our Services|

I am new in the field of monitoring and I need training The Initial User Seminar is the start-up training. Expert instructions enable you to evaluate the condition of machines and perform accurate failure analyses. The Advanced User Seminar covers advanced diagnostic methods and root cause analyses. The seminar for Control Room Personnel covers the basics for using condensed machine condition information. Participants of the Instrumentation Specialists Seminar will become skilled in the fundamentals of PROGNOST® hard- and software. Component replacement and general troubleshooting procedures are included. All seminars are available on-site or at PROGNOST Systems facilities.

Startup monitoring of LDPE Hyper compressor

2020-06-05T10:03:16+02:0026. April 2019|News, Customer Case Studies, Hyper Compressor, Our Services|

After two months of unscheduled downtime, the customer asked our Customer Support team for support during compressor startup. Depending on the system and the local circumstances, this type of support can be done on site or via remote access.

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