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PROGNOST®-SILver configuration software Convenient and time efficient configurationUser friendly, self-explaining, intuitive usageDedicated configuration rights avoid unauthorized accessConfiguration secured by hardware lock and passwordCommunication of the hardware rack with the configuration software via Ethernet protocol Library for drag and drop selections An extensive library of pre-defined machine types, machine components, and sensors allows drag and drop configuration of machines, sensors, cards, analyses, voting logic, and much more. National and international naming The multilingual approaches of PROGNOST®-SILver, as well as PROGNOST®-Admin, allows the naming of machines, components, TAGs, loops, etc., in almost any language. Individual analysis period settings Different machines require different settings. PROGNOST®-SILver can be configured so that all analyses perfectly match individual machine requirements. Speed and phase reference (crank angle) – Reciprocating [...]

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