Why upgrade your condition monitoring software?

It is essential that the condition monitoring technology of your machinery is always up-to-date. The software upgrade of your PROGNOST®‑NT software delivers all advantages of our ongoing product developments.
In the linked brochures, we will introduce you important innovations and enhancements of the last condition monitoring software releases which will help you carry out your monitoring tasks faster and more effectively.

PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard

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The PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard provides machinery health information over a computer network without the need for a local installation of the User Interface PROGNOST®-NT VISU.

Upgrade your PROGNOST®-NT to Version 20

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Monitoring and online diagnostics of Rotating Equipment Rotating Equipment forms the majority of production assets. Pumps, compressors and gearboxes are irreplaceable in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Debottlenecking activities which bring redundant machinery online or simple machine aging are the reasons why permanent monitoring is more relevant than ever before to ensure machinery uptime and reliable production quota. PROGNOST Systems arms operators around the world with technologies and services they really need to meet their targets. The latest upgrade of the market leading PROGNOST®-NT system comes with more than 180 analyses and views for centrifugal equipment diagnostics. Orbit Full Spectrum view This new analysis offers a toolset for the diagnosis of different types of malfunctions such as imbalance, rotor [...]


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The PROGNOST®-NT Web App allows you to stay in touch with your Rotating Equipment and be informed about the machinery health status. Users receive comprehensive information and key health indicators to make decisions when necessary. It is an integral part of the PROGNOST®-NT 19 Upgrade and can be activated with your existing software license.

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