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PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard

2020-09-03T15:36:39+02:0025. October 2019|Featured, General, News, Our Products, PROGNOST Brochures, PROGNOST®-NT, Software Upgrade PROGNOST®-NT|

The PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard provides machinery health information over a computer network without the need for a local installation of the User Interface PROGNOST®-NT VISU.

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2020-09-04T10:52:26+02:0026. August 2019|PROGNOST®-NT, Our Products, PROGNOST Brochures|

PROGNOST®-NT is the world’s leading diagnostic system that uses Neural Networks and Deep Learning technology for automated Failure Pattern Recognition of Rotating Equipment. More than 20.000 sensor samples per second are analyzed automatically in real-time. The system provides actionable clear text messages to operators, indicating the affected components, the failure mode and the percentage of failure severity.


2020-06-05T09:57:42+02:0016. August 2019|PROGNOST®-Predictor, Our Products, PROGNOST Brochures|

PROGNOST®-Predictor uses the patented Confidence Factor and Two Factor alarm logic to detect failures in Roller Bearings and complex gearboxes. Combining all of the PROGNOST®-Predictor capabilities results in optimal health of your machine and supports you to get your Preventive Maintenance becomming Predictive Maintenance management.


2020-06-05T09:54:48+02:0015. August 2019|PROGNOST®-SILver, Our Products|

PROGNOST®-SILver configuration software Convenient and time efficient configurationUser friendly, self-explaining, intuitive usageDedicated configuration rights avoid unauthorized accessConfiguration secured by hardware lock and passwordCommunication of the hardware rack with the configuration software via Ethernet protocol Library for drag and drop selections An extensive library of pre-defined machine types, machine components, and sensors allows drag and drop configuration of machines, sensors, cards, analyses, voting logic, and much more. National and international naming The multilingual approaches of PROGNOST®-SILver, as well as PROGNOST®-Admin, allows the naming of machines, components, TAGs, loops, etc., in almost any language. Individual analysis period settings Different machines require different settings. PROGNOST®-SILver can be configured so that all analyses perfectly match individual machine requirements. Speed and phase reference (crank angle) – Reciprocating [...]

Upgrade your PROGNOST®-NT to Version 20

2020-06-05T10:03:21+02:006. November 2018|News, PROGNOST Brochures, Software Upgrade PROGNOST®-NT|

Monitoring and online diagnostics of Rotating Equipment Rotating Equipment forms the majority of production assets. Pumps, compressors and gearboxes are irreplaceable in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Debottlenecking activities which bring redundant machinery online or simple machine aging are the reasons why permanent monitoring is more relevant than ever before to ensure machinery uptime and reliable production quota. PROGNOST Systems arms operators around the world with technologies and services they really need to meet their targets. The latest upgrade of the market leading PROGNOST®-NT system comes with more than 180 analyses and views for centrifugal equipment diagnostics. Orbit Full Spectrum view This new analysis offers a toolset for the diagnosis of different types of malfunctions such as imbalance, rotor [...]

PROGNOST®-Predictor Upgrade V6

2020-06-05T09:58:20+02:009. August 2018|Software upgrade PROGNOST®-Predictor|

The annual Software Upgrade for your PROGNOST®‑Predictor installation comprises of all new features resulting from our continuous product improvement process. This brochure outlines our all-new motion picture User Help and additional major software improvements that will support you carrying out your monitoring tasks faster and more efficiently. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? We want you to have a great experience. If you need assistance to fully understand and exploit your PROGNOST®-Predictor installation, the all-new “Video Help” is the button to click.Instead of long written “How to” paragraphs, users enjoy 17 different video captures explaining software views, usage and shortcuts to simplify your daily routine.This improvement supports your decision making process; whether you [...]

Sensor simulation device PROGNOST®-SenSim patented

2020-06-05T10:02:34+02:0028. June 2018|Our Products, News|

PROGNOST®-SenSim - a portable device for the simulation of sensor signals It simulates static and dynamic signals for measuring loop test routines. With PROGNOST®-SenSim, testing of machine protection systems procedures can be carried out without disassembly and reassembly of the sensors. This eliminates all associated risks, such as sensor damage or calibration issues. The defined and precise violation of real safety limit settings makes the execution of PTI (Proof Test Interval) fully compliant to IEC regulatory requirements (No manipulation of safety limits to initiate Alarms / Shutdowns / Unsafe conditions). We are happy to announce that PROGNOST®-SenSim was awarded a European Patent on May 30th, 2018.

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