Use of a Condition Monitoring System on a Hyper Compressor

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Mirko Graf (Innospec Leuna GmbH) showed this presentation during the 13th LDPE Plant Improvement Conference. He explained all the details about sensor positions and use. Also the first results of the 24 hour 365 days monitoring are shown and explained in the presentation. Some Processed topics which where explained About InnospecHyper CompressorCondition Monitoring SystemResistance Strain GaugesRod Position Sensors Standard Sensor Arrangements on Hypers Customised Sensor Arrangements on hydraulically-driven Hypers Download PDF: Implementation of CMS on a Hyper Compressor

Detected misalignment in the input shaft bearing – Successful shutdown of MAAG gearbox

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PROGNOST®-Predictor successfully detected misalignment in the input shaft bearing that progresses to imbalance within 15 minutes, allowing the extruder line to be successfully shutdown before additional damage occurred. The MAAG gearbox in service since 2013. Pic 1: Gearbox showing oil residue on the side of the housing   Pic 2: PROGNOST®-Predictor trend before event   Pic 3: Trend just before shutdown   Immediate actions taken Operations brought extruder to a safe state Proper people were called to review all information and data to assist with a path forward Vibration group checked the input shaft It was determined that input shaft axial movement was out of tolerance Machine was kept down until spare gearbox and motor could be installed Root Cause Pic 4: Input [...]

Upgrade your PROGNOST®-NT to Version 20

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Monitoring and online diagnostics of Rotating Equipment Rotating Equipment forms the majority of production assets. Pumps, compressors and gearboxes are irreplaceable in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Debottlenecking activities which bring redundant machinery online or simple machine aging are the reasons why permanent monitoring is more relevant than ever before to ensure machinery uptime and reliable production quota. PROGNOST Systems arms operators around the world with technologies and services they really need to meet their targets. The latest upgrade of the market leading PROGNOST®-NT system comes with more than 180 analyses and views for centrifugal equipment diagnostics. Orbit Full Spectrum view This new analysis offers a toolset for the diagnosis of different types of malfunctions such as imbalance, rotor [...]

Detection of a damaged crankshaft bearing

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Information about monitored Machine Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10 10 cylinders, 2 stages, in Ethylene service for LDPE production Speed: 189 rpm Power: 11 186 kW (15000 hp) Inlet pressure: 250 bar (3,626 psi) / Outlet pressure: 3.165 bar (45,904 psi) Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10 Used Monitoring equipment and sensor positions Monitoring sensor positions What happened (Sequence of events)? Development of vibration increases over a time of 6 months. Long term trend over 6 months of the crosshead slide vibration of cylinder B1 in 3D plot Since May 30, for segments 31 and 32, vibration values increase from 2,5 m/s² (0.25 g) to over 10 m/s² (1 g) Segmented vibration plot Shutdown of [...]

Lube oil in compression chamber

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Machine data NEA (Neumann Esser) horizontal reciprocating compressor with 4 throws. 1 stage in Natural gas service. The Pressure for Inlet is 33 bar (479 psi) for Outlet 75 bar (1088 psi). NEA horizontal reciprocating compressor Used Monitoring Software Modules of PROGNOST®-NT Machine Protection Early Failure Detection Wear Monitoring Performance Optimization Process Data Integration Sequence of events PROGNOST Systems received a call from the customer. The compressor was shut down by the PROGNOST system shortly after start up. This was a result of protection limit violations on two measuring points. In detail the shutdown was triggered by increased vibrations at the crosshead guides 3 and 4, this affected segment 20 of crosshead slide (CHS) 3 and segment 19 [...]

Sensor simulation device PROGNOST®-SenSim patented

2020-06-05T10:02:34+02:0028. June 2018|Our Products, News|

PROGNOST®-SenSim - a portable device for the simulation of sensor signals It simulates static and dynamic signals for measuring loop test routines. With PROGNOST®-SenSim, testing of machine protection systems procedures can be carried out without disassembly and reassembly of the sensors. This eliminates all associated risks, such as sensor damage or calibration issues. The defined and precise violation of real safety limit settings makes the execution of PTI (Proof Test Interval) fully compliant to IEC regulatory requirements (No manipulation of safety limits to initiate Alarms / Shutdowns / Unsafe conditions). We are happy to announce that PROGNOST®-SenSim was awarded a European Patent on May 30th, 2018.

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