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Condition Monitoring on a reciprocating compressor in a shale oil plant

2020-11-10T07:47:40+01:00Customer Case Studies, Cases with PROGNOST®-NT, Online Condition Monitoring, Published Articles, Reciprocating Machinery|

Reciprocating compressors are often used to handle very dirty and corrosive gases that have a negative impact on component lifetime [...]

Early Recognition of abnormal Wear Conditions

2020-06-05T09:49:09+02:00Published Articles|

Residual abrasive contaminants in new process units can cause rapid wear of rider bands in reciprocating compressors. Those abnormal wear conditions can be detected at an early stage by continuously monitoring the proximity measures. As a result, costly damages to the compressors can be avoided.

Get the Profit: Return on Investment of Condition Monitoring Systems

2020-06-05T09:50:11+02:00Published Articles|

Condition monitoring can substantially reduce the cost of consequence by avoiding catastrophic failures and reducing the frequency of incidents by providing realtime and continuous diagnoses of bad actors and all relevant components.

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