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The PROGNOST®-Navigator is a 12 inch touch panel with TFT color wide screen display. Designed for field data monitoring. The PROGNOST®-Navigator is the intelligent response to increasingly complex processes and instrumentation status of machines and plants. It displays data of the monitored machine trains as well as the Machine Protection System (MPS) itself. This enables operators a holistic condition overview.


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The PROGNOST®-NT Web App allows you to stay in touch with your Rotating Equipment and be informed about the machinery health status. Users receive comprehensive information and key health indicators to make decisions when necessary. It is an integral part of the PROGNOST®-NT 19 Upgrade and can be activated with your existing software license.

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When PROGNOST Systems project managers finalize the installation of your new system, it does not mean you are on your own. Our Customer Support team stands by in the critical moments, e.g. during initial system and machinery start-up and during the entire lifecycle of the installation.

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