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The PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard provides machinery health information over a computer network without the need for a local installation of the User Interface PROGNOST®-NT VISU.

Video tutorial for valve monitoring of reciprocating compressors

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When watching this tutorial we will learn more about valve monitoring of reciprocating compressors. Jonas is showing us the main [...]

Demystifying Big Data Analytics


“Big Information” instead of “Big Data” This short article will not repeat what you can read about Big Data. Almost all media channels cover this topic although the majority of these features scratch on the surface when outlining prospective industrial applications based on the new technology. “New” is not quite correct because “Big Data” was known in the 1990´s as “Data Warehousing” to be analyzed with “Data Mining” approaches and technologies.


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The PROGNOST®-Navigator is a 12 inch touch panel with TFT color wide screen display. Designed for field data monitoring. The PROGNOST®-Navigator is the intelligent response to increasingly complex processes and instrumentation status of machines and plants. It displays data of the monitored machine trains as well as the Machine Protection System (MPS) itself. This enables operators a holistic condition overview.

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