PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard

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The PROGNOST® Cloud Dashboard provides machinery health information over a computer network without the need for a local installation of the User Interface PROGNOST®-NT VISU.

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ACCOMPL!SHED – Selected project specialities

2020-06-05T09:42:33+02:0026. September 2019|General|

A collection of remarkable engineering and commissioning projects Anyone who decides to introduce a condition monitoring system begins an extensive project. Because it is not only the technology itself that determines the success of the project, but also the customer-specific design, installation and commissioning. On the basis of some interesting examples we would like to show you which tasks we have successfully solved in the project phase "commissioning". Always in the interest of the customer and for the maximum utilization of the technical possibilities. Online Condition Monitoring for 13 machines with quick ROI Selecting PROGNOST online condition monitoring for 13 different machines and having a ROI after one and a half year after commissioning 26. September 2019 Author Klaus 8

Two-week school internship

2020-06-05T10:03:19+02:0019. August 2019|General, Intership|

I decided to choose PROGNOST Systems GmbH in Rheine for my two-week school internship. There I was able to gain a lot of new experience in finance and accounting and was given more responsibility every day. In the beginning I had to do simple tasks like filing, but the following day I had to create preliminary calculations and soon I was allowed to help to integrate a new time recording program into the existing system. PROGNOST Systems gave me the opportunity to get to know an international company. This experience will help me a lot in the future, as I can reuse what I have learnt for my school career, which is strongly concerned with business administration and accounting.

Video tutorial for valve monitoring of reciprocating compressors

2020-06-05T10:35:13+02:0017. May 2019|General, Intelligent Machine Monitoring, Multimedia library, News|

When watching this tutorial we will learn more about valve monitoring of reciprocating compressors. Jonas is showing us the main differences of the two monitoring techniques for valve monitoring. The first technique is cylinder vibration and the other one is dynamic pressure measurement. Jonas is explaining us on basis of a graph how it is done by using and combining these techniques. See how the signals are changing during the compression cycle from suction to dischargeUnderstand how the vibration monitoring is showing us the valve actions (closing and opening)Get information about indications for different valve failuresGain knowledge on how information about the process behaving is delivered by the pressure curves and the vibrationLearn why this is required to get a [...]

PROGNOST Systems office in Abu Dhabi

2020-06-05T09:55:52+02:0026. February 2019|General, About PROGNOST Systems, News|

On the picture above you see from left to right: Alexander Harenkamp, General Manager, H.E. Eng. Salah Salem Bin Omair Al Shamsi, Local Partner. The new company is locally established in Abu Dhabi operates under the name of “PROGNOST Machinery Diagnostics Equipment and Services L.L.C.” and will have its offices in downtown Abu Dhabi on Muroor Road in close vicinity to the Sheikh Khalifa Energy complex. PROGNOST Systems has been operating in the Middle East for many years through local service and sales partners. The expansion into the region is also a response to rising demand from local clients for intelligent monitoring systems for rotating equipment and related diagnostic services. The UAE and Abu Dhabi specifically is home to many [...]

Demystifying Big Data Analytics

2020-06-05T09:47:33+02:0022. March 2018|General|

“Big Information” instead of “Big Data”This short article will not repeat what you can read about Big Data. Almost all media channels cover this topic although the majority of these features scratch on the surface when outlining prospective industrial applications based on the new technology. “New” is not quite correct because “Big Data” was known in the 1990´s as “Data Warehousing” to be analyzed with “Data Mining” approaches and technologies.

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