Cases with PROGNOST®-NT

The successful way to the permanent compressor condition monitoring system

Via a temporary PROGNOST®-NT Swift system to a permanent PROGNOST®-NT compressor condition monitoring system In order to get to the [...]

2023-09-18T14:14:17+02:0012. October 2021|

Condition Monitoring on a reciprocating compressor in a shale oil plant

Reciprocating compressors are often used to handle very dirty and corrosive gases that have a negative impact on component lifetime [...]

2020-11-10T07:47:40+01:0010. July 2020|

Company (LDPE industry) avoided costs, by trusting Machine Monitoring System

Detection of various valve failures on LDPE hyper compressor within the six weeks of operation saved 250 million USD in production loss

2022-11-11T09:52:09+01:003. July 2020|

Early detection of rider ring damage on a Free Floating Piston

Application Thomasen piston compressor 2 throws, 2 stages Medium: Hydrogen Capacity control: HydroCOM The compressor has a „Free Floating Piston“ [...]

2023-06-15T14:00:30+02:0020. June 2018|
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