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Diagnoses bearings and gearboxes to detect impending failures very early

PROGNOST®-Predictor helps you to manage critical areas in your process. Whether your priority is to reduce off-quality production, increase efficiency, lengthen equipment life or reduce unscheduled downtime, this solution offers management tools and expert advice to help you to achieve your goals. Combining all of the PROGNOST®-Predictor capabilities results in optimal health of your machine and supports your Preventive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance management.

Detection of bearing failure in a large extruder gearbox

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After a longer failure history with this gearbox, the customer decided to replace the installed spot measurement by a reliable online monitoring system. The customers´ decision-making process was supported by an open communication between the operator, the PROGNOST Systems team and the gearbox OEM.

Outer race fault in gearbox

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Maintenance stop scheduled after indication of early failure The PROGNOST®-Predictor system showed increasing Confidence Factor values on the HFE spectrum for the Bearing Bottom Torsion Shaft on August 07th in 2016 first. Within the following months the confidence still kept on a high level till the beginning of November, when the amplitude showed the first higher peaks. On November 05th, the amplitudes violated all thresholds and the acceleration grew from 0.1 m/sec² to 2 m/sec². After the final maintenance work at the end of November the amplitude and Confidence Factor values returned to good condtion. Finally, you see on the last analysis picture the early recognition of HFE 10-20 kHz in relation to the HFE 5-10 kHz and the acceleration [...]

Detected misalignment in the input shaft bearing – Successful shutdown of MAAG gearbox

2020-06-05T09:47:36+02:00Customer Case Studies, Bearings and Gears, Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Featured, Knowledge Hub, News|

PROGNOST®-Predictor successfully detected misalignment in the input shaft bearing that progresses to imbalance within 15 minutes, allowing the extruder line to be successfully shutdown before additional damage occurred. The MAAG gearbox in service since 2013. Pic 1: Gearbox showing oil residue on the side of the housing   Pic 2: PROGNOST®-Predictor trend before event   Pic 3: Trend just before shutdown   Immediate actions taken Operations brought extruder to a safe state Proper people were called to review all information and data to assist with a path forward Vibration group checked the input shaft It was determined that input shaft axial movement was out of tolerance Machine was kept down until spare gearbox and motor could be installed Root Cause Pic 4: Input [...]

Pulp & Paper industry: Roll Barring

2020-06-05T09:58:25+02:00Customer Case Studies, Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Pulp and Paper|

Roll barring is very common in the press and calendars sections with rolls that are nipped together. This example is in a Soft Nip Calendar which has two Beltex rolls nipped against a Tripass steel calendar roll. The Tripass roll is of very high-temperature oil running through it in three passes. The Beltex is a softer covered roll and can be barred fairly easily. Problems caused by Beltex roll After prolong runs the Beltex will start to bar and only get worse until it causes problems in the paper and then it needs to be removed. After removal, they have to grind the cover to remove the flat spot effects that can be seen if the light hits the roll [...]

Pulp & Paper industry: Bearing defect on 2nd Press CC Roll

2020-06-05T09:58:26+02:00Customer Case Studies, Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Pulp and Paper|

This case is presenting a defect of a Triple Ring Bearing at the 2nd Press CC Roll. CC refers to “Controlled Crown”. This has the ability to crown or bend the roll slightly to conform to the nip that is pressing against the other roll. Expensive bearing This bearing is very expensive around 50K USD and is very large. It is called a triple ring bearing as it has two sets of rollers so there is an “outer race of the outer bearing” and there is an “inner race of the outer bearing” then there is an “outer race of the inner bearing” and then finally there is an “inner race of the inner bearing”. Trend view In the trend [...]

Misalignment of a Gearbox

2020-06-05T09:52:30+02:00Customer Case Studies, Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Pulp and Paper|

The PROGNOST®-Predictor was showing several impacts in the tie waveform of a 24' Raymond gearbox. This was a first indication of a tooth problem on one of the gears. After several other analysis work the failure was localized and later findings inside of the gearbox showed the high accuracy of PROGNOST®-Predictor.

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