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Customer case studies are real life cases reporting advantages of Online Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection.

Detection of a damaged crankshaft bearing

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Information about monitored Machine Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10 10 cylinders, 2 stages, in Ethylene service for LDPE production Speed: 189 rpm Power: 11 186 kW (15000 hp) Inlet pressure: 250 bar (3,626 psi) / Outlet pressure: 3.165 bar (45,904 psi) Hitachi-Buckhardt Hyper Compressor F10 Used Monitoring equipment and sensor positions Monitoring sensor positions What happened (Sequence of events)? Development of vibration increases over a time of 6 months. Long term trend over 6 months of the crosshead slide vibration of cylinder B1 in 3D plot Since May 30, for segments 31 and 32, vibration values increase from 2,5 m/s² (0.25 g) to over 10 m/s² (1 g) Segmented vibration plot Shutdown of [...]

Lube oil in compression chamber

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Machine data NEA (Neumann Esser) horizontal reciprocating compressor with 4 throws. 1 stage in Natural gas service. The Pressure for Inlet is 33 bar (479 psi) for Outlet 75 bar (1088 psi). NEA horizontal reciprocating compressor Used Monitoring Software Modules of PROGNOST®-NT Machine Protection Early Failure Detection Wear Monitoring Performance Optimization Process Data Integration Sequence of events PROGNOST Systems received a call from the customer. The compressor was shut down by the PROGNOST system shortly after start up. This was a result of protection limit violations on two measuring points. In detail the shutdown was triggered by increased vibrations at the crosshead guides 3 and 4, this affected segment 20 of crosshead slide (CHS) 3 and segment 19 [...]

Pulp & Paper industry: Roll Barring

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Roll barring is very common in the press and calendars sections with rolls that are nipped together. This example is in a Soft Nip Calendar which has two Beltex rolls nipped against a Tripass steel calendar roll. The Tripass roll is of very high-temperature oil running through it in three passes. The Beltex is a softer covered roll and can be barred fairly easily. Problems caused by Beltex roll After prolong runs the Beltex will start to bar and only get worse until it causes problems in the paper and then it needs to be removed. After removal, they have to grind the cover to remove the flat spot effects that can be seen if the light hits the roll [...]

Early detection of rider ring damage on a Free Floating Piston

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Application Thomassen piston compressor2 throws, 2 stagesMedium: HydrogenCapacity control: HydroCOM The compressor has a „Free Floating Piston“ system with non-lubricated cylinder (for lifetime optimization of rider rings) and a mini-lube stuffing box seal. This machine combines the Free Floating Piston system with a Hoerbiger HydroCOM flow regulation. Since the initial compressor start, the piston rings of both stages reached only short operation lifetimes of 1,500 hours and with a decreasing tendency: Lifetimes before replacement of piston rings of the 1st stage 1,850 hrs   707 hrs   891 hrs   801 hrs1,607 hrs Lifetimes before replacement of piston rings of the 2nd stage 3,773 hrs4,006 hrs Preliminary PROGNOST® data analysis: Detection and location of the problem Expansion and compression lines of the p-V diagrams of [...]

Babbitt metal wear on crosshead

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Machine data Manufacturer: ArielDrive power: 6150 kW (8636 hp)Speed: 700 rpm6 cylinderDouble acting, 2 stagesSuction pressure: 40 barDischarge pressure 240 bar Sequence of events: 3:45 AMPROGNOST®-SILver Protection hardware shut down the monitored compressor. Initiated because of piston rod position of cylinder 1. 5:02 AMPROGNOST®-SILver tripped the compressor again during start-up. Again due to rod position cylinder 1. 9:45 AMPROGNOST Customer Support recommends to make no restart, cause of high piston rod movement Screenshots from Online Condition Monitoring system PROGNOST®-NT 2 months 3D-trend of rod position 2 months 3D-trend of crosshead slide vibration Evaluation No long term indications on crosshead slide (CHS) and rod position (RP)No changing pressure gradientHigher dynamic in RP signalCHS peak nearly 2nd rod load reversal point decreasesCHS [...]

Early detection of rider band and piston ring failure

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Shutdown due to high values of Peak-To-Peak and Piston rod position of the Booster cylinder. Monitored compressor Booster Primary, Burckhardt Compression B5C 1.654 cylinders, 5 stagesSuction pressure (0,6 bar)Discharge pressure (245 bar) Trend November 2015 Rod position values October - November 2015 Meaningful analysis and display Segmented piston rod position in 3D trend view Root cause analysis Findings

Pulp & Paper industry: Bearing defect on 2nd Press CC Roll

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This case is presenting a defect of a Triple Ring Bearing at the 2nd Press CC Roll. CC refers to “Controlled Crown”. This has the ability to crown or bend the roll slightly to conform to the nip that is pressing against the other roll. Expensive bearing This bearing is very expensive around 50K USD and is very large. It is called a triple ring bearing as it has two sets of rollers so there is an “outer race of the outer bearing” and there is an “inner race of the outer bearing” then there is an “outer race of the inner bearing” and then finally there is an “inner race of the inner bearing”. Trend view In the trend [...]

Consequential damages of failed lubrication

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PROGNOST® successfully detected irregularities during the supply of lube oil at the crosshead. Based on two case studies, the following text illustrates the necessity of appropriate monitoring. The operation mode of a reciprocating compressor requires the continuous supply of lubrication. This is due to the multitude of moving parts that are required to convert the rotating into an oscillating movement. This movement is implemented by the crosshead. This component moves between two contact surfaces and is continually subject to high forces, i.e. compression and tension, as well as friction. At the centre of the crosshead, a ‘crosshead pin’ connects the crosshead to the piston, onto which, facing the side of the cylinder, the piston rod is bolted. The crosshead pin [...]

Monitoring world´s largest LDPE compressor

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The Tasnee facility has 5 different plants. Next to the PDH (Propane Dehydrogenation), EC (Ethylene Cracker), PP (Polypropylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), the Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plant is in operation since 2009. The Tasnee LDPE process is designed for 400 KTA. This experience report provides an in-depth look in the daily routine of state-of-the-art compressor operation with a special focus on maintenance efficiency.

Lube oil camouflages component failures

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This case study demonstrates a case where – after a safety shutdown – a hyper compressor in LDPE service was restarted after it was tripped which led to severe damage within the compressor.

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