Early detection of rider ring damage on a Free Floating Piston

Application Thomasen piston compressor 2 throws, 2 stages Medium: Hydrogen Capacity control: HydroCOM The compressor has a „Free Floating Piston“ [...]

2023-06-15T14:00:30+02:0020. June 2018|

The Filter Setting Challenge: Read Report in Hydrogen Engineering Magazine

Robert Eisenmann Jr., BP Refining Technology and Engineering, USA and Oliver Franz, PROGNOST, Germany, outline important considerations when using crosshead acceleration and frame velocity to monitor and protect a reciprocating compressor

2023-06-16T09:32:30+02:0022. August 2017|

Monitoring System keeps small Fault from becoming catastrophic – Segmented Analysis

Segmented vibration analysis triggers timely shutdown: In the 200 ms it takes for one revolution of a crankshaft, everything can change. In that brief span of time, the structural integrity of a single concealed bolt can reach the breaking point

2023-06-13T09:47:14+02:008. August 2017|
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