Customer case studies

Customer case studies are real life cases reporting advantages of Online Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection.

Detection of bearing failure in a large extruder gearbox

2020-11-10T12:16:38+01:00Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Customer Case Studies|

After a longer failure history with this gearbox, the customer decided to replace the installed spot measurement by a reliable online monitoring system. The customers´ decision-making process was supported by an open communication between the operator, the PROGNOST Systems team and the gearbox OEM.

Outer race fault in gearbox

2020-11-10T07:30:24+01:00News, Bearings and Gears, Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Customer Case Studies|

Maintenance stop scheduled after indication of early failure The PROGNOST®-Predictor system showed increasing Confidence Factor values on the HFE spectrum for the Bearing Bottom Torsion Shaft on August 07th in 2016 first. Within the following months the confidence still kept on a high level till the beginning of November, when the amplitude showed the first higher peaks. On November 05th, the amplitudes violated all thresholds and the acceleration grew from 0.1 m/sec² to 2 m/sec². After the final maintenance work at the end of November the amplitude and Confidence Factor values returned to good condtion. Finally, you see on the last analysis picture the early recognition of HFE 10-20 kHz in relation to the HFE 5-10 kHz and the acceleration [...]

Condition Monitoring on a reciprocating compressor in a shale oil plant

2020-11-10T07:47:40+01:00Customer Case Studies, Cases with PROGNOST®-NT, Online Condition Monitoring, Published Articles, Reciprocating Machinery|

Reciprocating compressors are often used to handle very dirty and corrosive gases that have a negative impact on component lifetime and affect on the plant productivity. Due to this fact there are several ways to handle this problem, a few plants are using a identic machine as backup and in case of failure they are using the twin machine to keep the process running. But maybe this is not the best way. Efficient plants are asking for a condition monitoring system, this is where PROGNOST Systems comes to the play. A installation of a condition monitoring system like PROGNOST®-NT brings several benefits to the operator. Starting at the maintenance planning because he sees the development of his wearing parts and [...]

Company (LDPE industry) avoided costs, by trusting Machine Monitoring System

2020-07-03T08:47:48+02:00News, Cases with PROGNOST®-NT, Customer Case Studies, Featured, Hyper Compressor, Knowledge Hub, Online Condition Monitoring, Reciprocating Machinery, Vibration Monitoring|

Detection of various valve failures on LDPE hyper compressor within the six weeks of operation saved 250 million USD in production loss

Timely trip of a LDPE hyper compressor

2020-09-04T07:33:39+02:00Customer Case Studies, Cases with PROGNOST®-NT, Featured, Hyper Compressor, News|

Monitored Machine The monitored machine is a secondary LDPE Hyper Compressor (high pressure compressor) in Ethylene service of LDPE production line. What happened? Sequence of events On March 29, the PROGNOST System tripped the Hyper compressor in consequence of high plunger vibration on cylinder 2AVertical position lead LDPE unit for total shut downThe Maintenance group of the customer, started the root cause analysis with assistance of the PROGNOST Systems Customer Support team, they analyzed the data and finally recommended to open the cylinder for inspection Trend over 60 minutes of plunger position Peak-to-Peak values Findings As a result of the cylinder opening the following findings where detected. In the plunger path way they found Chips of packing ring material.The packing [...]

Startup monitoring of LDPE Hyper compressor

2020-11-17T14:41:36+01:00News, Customer Case Studies, Hyper Compressor, Service Offerings|

After two months of unscheduled downtime, the customer asked our Customer Support team for support during compressor startup. Depending on the system and the local circumstances, this type of support can be done on site or via remote access.


2020-06-05T09:47:13+02:00Bearings and Gears, Customer Case Studies, Featured, News|

If best scenario had played out there would have been additional cost savings of $ 2.8 Million This case study illustrates how PROGNOST®-Predictor detected impacting in the time waveform of the gear pump along with a ticking sound coming from the gearbox. Sequence of Events 3/22/2018 at 9:30:00 am: PROGNOST Systems received message from customer who was concerned that they heard a ticking coming from Gear Pump gearbox. Customer was asked to look at the time waveform on one of the sensors near the ticking and we found a very strong impacting happening that was very concerning. 9:38:00 am – Customer sent a screenshot of time waveform which showed a large amount of impacting that he had found. This impacting [...]

Use of a Condition Monitoring System on a Hyper Compressor

2020-07-08T16:56:22+02:00Featured, Customer Case Studies, Hyper Compressor, Knowledge Hub, News, Online Condition Monitoring|

Mirko Graf (Innospec Leuna GmbH) showed this presentation during the 13th LDPE Plant Improvement Conference. He explained all the details about sensor positions and use. Also the first results of the 24 hour 365 days monitoring are shown and explained in the presentation. Some Processed topics which where explained About InnospecHyper CompressorCondition Monitoring SystemResistance Strain GaugesRod Position Sensors Standard Sensor Arrangements on Hypers Customised Sensor Arrangements on hydraulically-driven Hypers Download PDF: Implementation of CMS on a Hyper Compressor

Detected misalignment in the input shaft bearing – Successful shutdown of MAAG gearbox

2020-06-05T09:47:36+02:00Customer Case Studies, Bearings and Gears, Cases with PROGNOST®-Predictor, Featured, Knowledge Hub, News|

PROGNOST®-Predictor successfully detected misalignment in the input shaft bearing that progresses to imbalance within 15 minutes, allowing the extruder line to be successfully shutdown before additional damage occurred. The MAAG gearbox in service since 2013. Pic 1: Gearbox showing oil residue on the side of the housing   Pic 2: PROGNOST®-Predictor trend before event   Pic 3: Trend just before shutdown   Immediate actions taken Operations brought extruder to a safe state Proper people were called to review all information and data to assist with a path forward Vibration group checked the input shaft It was determined that input shaft axial movement was out of tolerance Machine was kept down until spare gearbox and motor could be installed Root Cause Pic 4: Input [...]

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