Customer case studies

Customer case studies are real life cases reporting advantages of Online Condition Monitoring and Machine Protection.

Best practices for compressor vibration monitoring: Where sensors need to be positioned for reciprocating compressor monitoring

Sensors for compressor monitoring For permanent condition monitoring and reliable machine protection of rotating machinery, the most important thing is [...]

2022-11-11T10:25:01+01:007. January 2022|

The successful way to the permanent compressor condition monitoring system

Via a temporary PROGNOST®-NT Swift system to a permanent PROGNOST®-NT compressor condition monitoring system In order to get to the [...]

2023-09-18T14:14:17+02:0012. October 2021|

Misalignment of a Gearbox

The PROGNOST®-Predictor was showing several impacts in the tie waveform of a 24' Raymond gearbox. This was a first indication of a tooth problem on one of the gears. After several other analysis work the failure was localized and later findings inside of the gearbox showed the high accuracy of PROGNOST®-Predictor.

2021-05-03T16:02:49+02:0028. April 2021|

Condition Monitoring on a reciprocating compressor in a shale oil plant

Reciprocating compressors are often used to handle very dirty and corrosive gases that have a negative impact on component lifetime [...]

2020-11-10T07:47:40+01:0010. July 2020|
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