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Internship, apprenticeship or one of our study programs – whichever way you go at PROGNOST Systems GmbH, you start directly into the world of PROGNOST Systems. As an important part of the team, individually cared for and on eye level.


Would you like to see if your dream job meets your expectations or if you would like to get to know other jobs? Then an internship is the right thing for you.


Are you interested in an apprenticeship in one of our commercial or technical areas?


Are you thinking of dual studies or would you like to complete your Bachelor's/Master's degree?

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Friendly and respectful interaction leads to an excellent working atmosphere on the company premises. During your training you will work on interesting projects within different departments. In addition, you will have the opportunity to accompany your colleagues on the customers' facilities to gain insights on site.


For PROGNOST Systems GmbH, employee training is of central importance. We support this through internal and external trainings to expand your knowledge and to prepare you for the constantly changing market requirements. For you as an apprentice or trainee, there are training officers in all business areas who take care of your concerns and answer your questions. Your care is important to us. We want you to start your career with the best possible career opportunities.


PROGNOST Systems has already won the 2006 "EWG Entwicklungs- und Wirtschaftsförderung Rheine" Trainer Award for companies with no more than 25 employees and is involved with "training messengers" at various schools to represent PROGNOST Systems and introduce the training areas.

Internship at PROGNOST Systems

At PROGNOST Systems you get a lot of insights in all departments

As you will pass through several departments during your internship, you will be introduced to many varied topics in which you will always be supported by one of our employees.
PROGNOST Systems GmbH is an international company, which means that your English skills are asked for and promoted. Your different work steps will be explained to you in detail and therefore you will carry out varied tasks independently and also in a team.

Business / Technical Internships

Future day (duration: 1 day)
School internship (duration: 2 weeks)
half-year internship (duration: 6 months)

Industrial clerk
Electronics technician - specializing in devices and systems
IT specialist for system integration

Business Internship

During an internship as an industrial clerk you will gain first insights into incoming and outgoing goods as well as marketing and financial accounting.

Technical Internship

During an internship as an electronics technician specializing in devices and systems, you will gain an initial insight into our production. This means that you support employees in project planning and control cabinet construction.
During an internship as an IT specialist for system integration you can look at tasks such as planning, installing and administering IT systems and IT networks, as well as analysing problems and tasks.

Internship Testimonials


Student - Commercial School

Two-week school internship

I decided to choose PROGNOST Systems GmbH in Rheine for my two-week school internship. There I was able to gain a lot of new experience in finance and accounting and was given more responsibility every day. In the beginning I had to do simple tasks like filing, but the following day I had to create preliminary calculations and soon I was allowed to help to integrate a new time recording program into the existing system. PROGNOST Systems gave me the opportunity to get to know an international company. This experience will help me a lot in the future, as I can reuse what I have learnt for my school career, which is strongly concerned with business administration and accounting.


Student – business studies

Voluntary internship in the vacation

I decided to do a six-week voluntary internship at PROGNOST Systems to gain insight into sales. Among other things, the impending selection of the specialization modules in my studies has driven me to do an internship in the sales department. My core tasks in the sales were the revision of the inquiry data sheet with Excel, the care of service contracts in the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) and the translation of quotation templates into the English language. PROGNOST Systems has enabled me to gain impressions about an international company and to deepen my studies in the direction of international business.


Voluntary internship during holidays

In my voluntary internship I learned a lot and gained many positive impressions of PROGNOST Systems. I am thrilled because all employees are very friendly and helpful and the work was a lot of fun. During the internship, my main task was to support the marketing department in creating the new wall calendar for 2017 and the Christmas card 2016. I was able to contribute my ideas and start the first preparations for this. Another major task was to query the required marketing materials from sales partners in 32 countries all over the world. But also many smaller tasks have accompanied me during this time. After these three weeks I can say that I learned a lot and gained further experience for my life through this internship.


two-week school internship

I liked my internship at PROGNOST Systems very much because I was able to describe all the work processes in an understandable and detailed manner and I was also able to carry out a variety of tasks myself. My main tasks in the marketing department were the revision and design of the website. I also gained a lot of experience in accounting. After these two weeks I can say that I learned a lot and gained further experience for my life through this internship.


Apprentice - Electronic Technician Devices and Systems

From school project to education

I applied for an internship at PROGNOST Systems because I wanted to find a company that would enable me to implement my training project. PROGNOST Systems supported this idea and offered me the opportunity to work as an intern in the IT department for 1 year. Most of the contents covered the implementation of our IT training projects. Since the tasks in IT were limited and my interest in IT, for personal reasons, disappeared, I was entrusted with tasks from the workshop, which interested me very much and above all were fun. At the end of my internship I had the opportunity to train as an electronics technician for devices and systems, which I used and now work as an apprentice in the workshop.


Dual Student - Business Informatics

From school internship to dual studies

During the attainment of the advanced technical college entrance qualification and an apprenticeship as an IT specialist at the Berufskolleg in Rheine, I had to complete an internship for almost a year within 3 ½ years. I was able to spend this time at PROGNOST Systems and worked mainly in the IT department. But I also gained insights into other departments and got to know the entire company during my internships. After finishing school and completing my training, I was taken on as a dual student at PROGNOST Systems. During the time between training and studies I worked as an IT administrator at PROGNOST Systems. In the practice-integrated dual studies I work as an IT administrator in the operational phases, in the university phases I continue my education and work towards my Bachelor degree.

First Steps for an Internship

We look forward to receive complete application documents and take your wishes and ideas for the internship during an interview and try to implement them.

Apprenticeship at PROGNOST Systems

Start your career with PROGNOST Systems

We offer responsible tasks in an innovative, dynamic and successful company in which personal initiative and personal responsibility are encouraged and joint success is in the foreground.

Technical system planner (m/f)

Are you creative, enthusiastic about electronics and interested in technology? Do you count care and accuracy among your strengths?

During your training as a technical system planner you will learn how to wire components and products together and how to draw them according to specifications and standards. You use CAD systems to produce technical documents such as cabling, wiring and circuit diagrams, as well as parts lists from which new construction projects are then created.

  • That\’s what we\’re gonna teach you:
    • Preparation of technical documentation in compliance with construction, design and customer specifications
    • Preparation of technical documents, maintenance and administration of these documents and performance of technical calculations
    • Intensive promotion of IT skills (especially WS-CAD)
    • Design and construction of power and start-up plans
  • That\’s what you bring:
    • Good secondary school leaving certificate with above-average grades in mathematics and natural sciences
    • Knowledge of MS Office and interest in hardware and software
    • Open-mindedness, communication skills
  • Training period: 3.5 years
  • Vocational school: 1-2 times per week at the vocational school of the district of Osnabrück

Electronics technician - specializing in devices and systems

You are technically skilled and have a great curiosity for electronic applications? You like working in a team and want to use your hands and head?

During an apprenticeship as an electronics technician specializing in devices and systems, you will learn how to build a wide variety of components and small parts, but also how to program and maintain systems. It takes your instinct. You and your colleagues will make sure that everything works smoothly.

  • That\’s what we\’re gonna teach you:
    • System design and configuration
    • Project planning and implementation
    • Control cabinet production
    • Service
  • That\’s what you bring:
    • Good secondary school leaving certificate with above-average grades in mathematics and natural sciences
    • Previous knowledge of MS Office and interest in hardware and software
    • Open-mindedness, communication skills
  • Training period: 3.5 years
  • Vocational school: 1-2 times a week at the Hans-Böckler-Berufskolleg in Münster

Industrial clerk (m/f)

You have always had first-class organizational skills, are a talent in Excel and don't let an English-speaking business partner get you off your feet?

During your training as an industrial clerk, you will get to know the most diverse areas of the company and support business processes from order processing to customer service.

  • That\’s what we\’re gonna teach you:
    • Audits of costs, taxes and sales
    • Making payments
    • Review of current business transactions and bookings of all departments
  • That\’s what you bring:
    • Good graduation from a commercial college, secondary school or similar school leaving certificate
    • Open-mindedness, communication skills and good manners
    • Internships in similar positions would be desirable
  • Training period: 3.0 years
  • Vocational school: 1-2 times a week at the Kaufmännischen Schulen Rheine

Presently no vacancies in these area is available.

Study with PROGNOST Systems

PROGNOST Systems creates optimal conditions for your successful career

We make it our task to support young people, because we offer students numerous opportunities to get to know the company.

Dual studies - Business Informatics

Are you a talented organizer and enthusiastic about the technical world? You want to study and do a practical training?

The training with us is varied, because besides your work in the different departments, you are studying at the University of Osnabrück. You build up a broad theoretical knowledge that you apply and implement in the operating phases. After a successful three-year training and study period, you will finally obtain a Bachelor of Science degree.

  • That\’s what we\’re gonna teach you:
    • Extensive and application-oriented methodological knowledge in the respective subject area
    • To work on problems based on science and at the same time practice-oriented
    • In-depth specialist knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of operational practice
  • That\’s what you bring:
    • General qualification for university entrance
    • Previous knowledge in the technical and economic area is desirable
    • Open-minded, communicative, highly perceptive and resilient
  • Training period: 3.0 years
  • University: Change between company and university phase approx. every 14 weeks at the Hochschule Osnabrück on the Campus Lingen

Presently no vacancies in these areas are available.


You have the academic knowledge? You want to write a thesis that has a concrete benefit and you want a scientific presentation with practical relevance?

Whether it is a diploma, bachelor\’s or master\’s thesis, students work in close cooperation with us. During this time you will be supported by experts from the company. We deliver the corporate practice, so that together we form an ideal team.

  • This is what we offer you:
    • Close support from company experts
    • In-depth specialist knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of operational practice
    • Project-related tasks
  • That\’s what you bring:
    • Aspiring studies or even graduates who are aiming for a subsequent Master\’s degree
    • Above-average academic achievements, ideally in the fields of engineering, natural sciences or economics, computer science or industrial engineering and management
    • Open-minded, communicative, highly perceptive and resilient
    • You have already completed job-specific internships

You want to join PROGNOST Systems

Good decision. But do you already know in which area you would like to work later? And do you even know the apprenticeships we offer?

No? No problem. On our site you can inform yourself about everything in detail. What training is available? Which dual courses of study?

Have you already decided on an apprenticeship or dual course of studies? Then apply now.

You can find out which documents you should bring along and how to proceed after the application under “Application documents” and “Selection procedure”.

Application Documents

Your checklist for a good application:

  • Application letter
  • Complete curriculum vitae
  • Copies of the latest certificates
  • Copies of job references
  • Certificate for internships completed
  • Certificate for learned languages
  • Confirmation of civil or military service already performed
  • Any other existing certificates/certifications

Selection Procedure

Step one: We look at your application documents.

We want to get to know you, so we try to read as much information as possible from your CV and cover letter: What kind of guy are you? Which subjects do you like? What can you get excited about?

In the application process we also look at your grades. They give us an impression of your knowledge and skills that you learned in school. Depending on the area of training, we naturally also pay attention to profession-specific skills. A really good knowledge of English is important for some apprenticeships and for the dual study programme at our company. In a technical apprenticeship we want to know how good your computer and Internet skills are, and of course we also look at grades in mathematics and natural sciences.

Step two: We invite you.

If your application documents have convinced us, we invite you to a selection procedure to our headquarters in Rheine. A personal meeting takes place here. There you can show where your strengths lie – and we can see how well you fit in with us.

Step three: We give you feedback.

You will receive your result shortly after the selection procedure.

Your contact person

For questions or further information please contact Ralph Biermann 05971/8081970.

Is that understood? Then take the first step into your new future and apply for an apprenticeship with us!