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PROGNOST Systems is a global leader in the development, production, and service of the world’s best monitoring technology for critical rotating equipment. We pride ourself in training high level professionals in many different departments whether its Software Development or Administrative tasks. Each employee is part of a close knit team. Trough Partnership, Cooperation, Performance, and Dedication, our team strives to delivery exceptional customer service.

Whether student or experienced specialist. At PROGNOST Systems you are right at every point of your career. Benefit from a made-to-measure start. But that’s not all. Because working at PROGNOST Systems also means further training. Every employee receives feedback on their performance and development at PROGNOST Systems in annual meetings. Together with the superior, the employee analyses his strengths and his development potential. This exchange enables all employees to continue to grow in our company and to actively shape their own career path.

Job Openings

Stellenanzeige – Master oder B. Eng. Maschinenbau / E- Technik (m/w/d) im Customer...

Du bist ein „Maschinendoktor“ der aus Daten eine Diagnose erstellen kann? Du erkennst Symptome und Trends die zu Schäden führen können? Dann bist Du der Mitmacher den wir suchen!

Stellenanzeige – Entwickler für Embedded Firmware (m/w/d)

Du bist mit der Entwicklung von Standard-Software unterfordert? Du möchtest ins Eingemachte und Hochverfügbarkeits-Lösungen realisieren? Dann bist Du der Mitmacher für unsere agilen Teams den wir suchen!

Stellenanzeige – Mitarbeiter Technischer Vertriebsinnendienst (m/w/d)

Du hast Freude an strukturierter Arbeitsweise, am Umgang mit Zahlen und Terminen. Deine Arbeitsweise ist geprägt von Sorgfalt. Die tägliche Arbeit mit MS-Office- und CRM-Software zur Erstellung und Nachverfolgung von Angeboten ist Dir vertraut....

Stellenanzeige – Mitarbeiter Internationale Auftragsabwicklung (m/w/d)

Du hast Freude an strukturierter Arbeitsweise, am Umgang mit Zahlen und Terminen. Deine Arbeitsweise ist geprägt von Sorgfalt. Die tägliche Arbeit mit ERP-Software zur Erfassung und Pflege von Angeboten, Aufträgen und Rechnungen ist Dir...

Stellenanzeige – Elektroniker im Bereich Qualitätssicherung (m/w/d)

Du liebst es analytisch vorzugehen. Die Suche nach der Fehlerursache spornt Dich an und Dinge kontinuierlich zu verbessern ist Deine Motivation. Deine Erfahrung lässt Du in Prüfvorgaben einfließen, so dass sich Fehler nicht wiederholen....


Are you searching for an apprenticeship, an internship, a dual study place, or a thesis? Find out here how PROGNOST Systems is right for you.


Looking for new professional challenges or career development? Find out why PROGNOST Systems is the right employer for you.

Our Services

Will PROGNOST Systems provide me with workwear?

Yes, where work clothing is required, we will of course provide it. At the office workplaces no work clothes are necessary, but here we offer the employees to order polo shirts or embroidered shirts for the work, which are then subsidized with a fixed amount.

Are there special services at PROGNOST Systems?

PROGNOST Systems offers its employees above-average salaries and various possibilities for net wage structuring.

How many days are there at PROGNOST Systems?

Each employee has 29 days of holiday at his or her free disposal. The 30th vacation day is already planned for Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.

Does PROGNOST Systems have a company canteen?

No, we don’t have a real company canteen with food, but there is a canteen where you can eat and partly prepare your own food. Additionally there are different offers in the closer environment which one can use.


Health at work. What does this mean for PROGNOST Systems?

In addition to a modern office chair, all office workstations are equipped with height-adjustable desks so that the office chair can also be moved to the side.

Does PROGNOST Systems support (preventive) examinations?

If the field of application requires it, all examinations are of course carried out. This also applies to necessary vaccinations. In addition, all employees are offered various other things as required and possible, such as participation in the AOK health days, a flu vaccination, eye examinations and much more.

Company sports at PROGNOST Systems. Does that exist?

Company sports might be a little wide. But with us, sport is promoted with colleagues. For example, there is a table football or a table tennis table for the lunch break or after work. In addition, you will always find staff members as Team PROGNOST Systems or individual starters, e.g. at the traditional AOK run in downtown Rheiner or at various triathlon or marathon events in the surrounding area, who will be supported with jerseys, for example.

Bike Leasing. Is that possible at PROGNOST Systems?

Yes, we work together with BusinessBike and are happy to support our employees in purchasing a new bike. This bike can then be used for the way to work or even privately, all no problem.

Our Way at PROGNOST Systems

We train and we educate. First and foremost for us. This means we want to keep our apprentices, but we expressly support further training and stay in contact with our apprentices during their studies or technician training.