The police in Rheine has on duty evening two Polish citizens aged 34 and 52 years provisionally arrested. The two are accused of grand and commercial theft.

The next day, the men were brought before the magistrate – now they are in pre-trial detention. On Tuesday at shortly before 17.30 o’clock the Rheinenser police had been called to the PROGNOST Systems headquarters.

There several bikes should have been stolen from a bicycle garage. A company employee had heard strange noises coming from the direction of the bicycle garage and then saw two unknown persons load pedelecs onto a white van and leave the company premises with the vehicle.

The employee and another colleague then realized that their pedelecs had been stolen from the garage. They called the police. The police initiated a manhunt for the van – with success. The officers contacted the highway patrol stations in the area.

And indeed, the vehicle with Polish license plates was stopped a short time later on the A30 near Gesmold (Osnabrück district). The Lower Saxony highway police arrested the two occupants temporarily.

They were taken to the police station in Rheine. In the seized van, the officers found on the one hand the pedelecs stolen from the company premises in Rheine, and on the other hand several other bikes and e-bikes. These were classified as possible stolen property. The van and the bikes were seized. The police investigation is continuing.

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