As a company, we prioritize sustainability, and I witness it every day. From my office, I have a view of the #airsourceheatpump situated on the roof of our company building.

It was installed during the construction of the building over 10 years ago. At that time, we were #pioneers in embracing sustainability through the utilization of this technology.

We have been utilizing this system for more than 20 years to heat and cool our premises in an environmentally friendly manner, as it consumes minimal energy. Additionally, this year we are planning to install a #solarsystem on the roof to generate electricity specifically for the air source heat pump.

Meanwhile the solar panels have arrived and the #solarsystem with a performance of about 100 kWp will be installed on the roof in the next weeks.

In addition to that we install four charging stations for electric cars on our parking lot. From now on colleagues and guests can charge their electric cars and bikes.

This is the supplement to my earlier posts about sustainability on LinkedIn:

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Watch the video about bees in our premises on our website:

These posts show an example of our ongoing engagement for the protection of the environment.

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