We need assistance when maintaining the monitoring system

Customer Voice

Regular inspection and maintenance of a PROGNOST® system hardware is the basis for reliable operation.

PROGNOST Customer Support checks the function of the PROGNOST® system and performs maintenance tasks within the cabinet including the hardware installed (e.g. control of the fans, cleaning/replacement of filters, optical inspections).

After the system and measuring loop inspection is concluded, a report on the condition as found and corresponding adjustments or further work necessary is produced and transmitted via email.

On-site application service visit

PROGNOST customer support offers on-site visits by a PROGNOST machine and system analysis expert who travels to your facility to perform on-site maintenance, system monitoring, advanced technical diagnostics, operations workshops, preventive and predictive service planning, performance tuning and/or training of personnel. Review of system functionality, verify potential system problems and suggest system improvements as necessary.

Remote application service support

PROGNOST customer support offers remote support by system analysis expert who supports a qualified person to perform on site maintenance, system monitoring or advanced technical diagnostics. Providing preventive and predictive service planning, performance tuning and reviewing system functionalities, verifying potential system problems and suggesting system improvements as necessary are elements of this service offering.


System checks on-site or remotely guided are recommended or prescribed as a Proof Test Interval according to IEC 61511. You may also occasionally need defective components replaced.