The gearbox overview

The gearbox overview in the PROGNOST®-Predictor GUI (Graphical User Interface) displays all components in one view. This makes it very convenient for the user to understand the layout of the gearbox and to locate a defective component.

Gearbox overview
The PROGNOST®-Predictor monitoring system paid off in a short time.


Starting three months before the failure occurred, no indications were visible. In early August, the patented PROGNOST®-Predictor Confidence Factor raised, but no changes in the acceleration spectrum could be detected. After the HFE spectrum was inspected, small peaks within the failure bands were visible what indicated an upcoming failure. This led to slowly increasing HFE and acceleration spectra over the next three months until the first warning level got violated in the early November. After this period of slowly increasing values (range of 0.1 m/sec²), the values increased significantly (starting with 0.1 m/sec ² to 2 m/sec²) within a couple days. At all not only one single sensor showed the problem it was the mixture of different sensors and the unique Confidence Factor which are pinpointing the problem finally to “bearing damage”. This led to the decision to stop the gearbox which was done based on close communication between the user, the gearbox OEM and PROGNOST Systems diagnostic experts. In the following screenshots, the progression of the defect will be getting more visible.