Probe functionality

  • Different sensors on the market with different measurement ranges
  • The fundamental functionality of the inductive probe. It will generate a magnetic field. Depending on the distance from probe to e.g. the piston rod this magnetic field changes and the monitoring system is showing the measured distance
  • The probe adjustment and calibration


Based on this raw data the monitoring system can perform different analyses.


The average value is probably the first analysis. It shows the average value over one revolution. This can be trended to see if the piston goes up or down over the time and is the basis for rider ring wear.

Peak to Peak

The peak to peak value is measured over one revolution and displays the distance from lowest to highest position. It is possible to do a segmentation (e.g. 8 segments) for a more detailed monitoring. These peak to peak values can be used as a Trend and are used for monitoring as well as protection.

Rider Ring Wear

  • As mentioned the “Average” value is the basic for the rider ring wear calculation.
  • If a allowed wear of 1000 µm is possible the warning Threshold could be adjusted to 600/700 µm to inform the user early enough to schedule the next maintenance
  • Important for this analysis are the machine dimensions, the rider ring information and finally if the sensor position was changed. For sure a different position (eg. after maintenance) will result in a wrong calculation.

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