Topics we will handle during this video

  • Major damages on compressors based rod load
  • Mass forces / Inertia forces (only masses)
  • Gas load
  • Combined loads
  • Need for monitoring

The major question is “Why it is so important to know and understand loads and forces?

Road load reversal period

  • In API 618 the load reversal period is mentioned with >15°CA
  • This is important to guarantee a lubrication of the crosshead pin
  • So it is nice to know for the normal operation but as well to monitor the reversal point continuously. E.g. in case of a valve issue forces might change and cause, a low or even no, load reversal period.

Loose connections

  • If the vibrations measured with a vibration probe on the crosshead increase in the load reversal points it is an indication for a loose connection

Maximum forces

  • For sure each part can handle only a maximum allowed force. E.g. a to high force to the piston rod might cause a crack.