Loads and forces affecting the condition of piston rods in recip compressors

Major damages on compressors are based on rod load. For this reason engineers must understand the loads while selecting/using a reciprocating compressor

Topics we will handle during this video

  • Major damages on compressors based rod load
  • Mass forces / Inertia forces (only masses)
  • Gas load
  • Combined loads
  • Need for monitoring

The major question is “Why it is so important to know and understand loads and forces?

Road load reversal period

  • In API 618 the load reversal period is mentioned with >15°CA
  • This is important to guarantee a lubrication of the crosshead pin
  • So it is nice to know for the normal operation but as well to monitor the reversal point continuously. E.g. in case of a valve issue forces might change and cause, a low or even no, load reversal period.

Loose connections

  • If the vibrations measured with a vibration probe on the crosshead increase in the load reversal points it is an indication for a loose connection

Maximum forces

  • For sure each part can handle only a maximum allowed force. E.g. a to high force to the piston rod might cause a crack.

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