In 2009 the customer started to search for a monitoring solution for his reciprocating compressors. Due to the fact that there was an existing service contract with a competitor for the compressor in general, so the final choice in 2012 was not for the PROGNOST.

The competitor announces in 2015 that his product will no longer be supported. No or only pure analysis support during system lifetime. No option to compare the compression data of his machines within the software.

Customer experiences with his first selection

In 2015 the customer again contacts our sales department and asks for an offering of our PROGNOST®-NT Swift to compare the performance features with his existing system. After the PROGNOST®-NT Swift installation was done and the final results and reports are written the customer got a good impression of the features and service offerings of PROGNOST. So finally he changed his opinion and ordered a full PROGNOST®-NT installation.

Project scope

First we started with 1 compressor monitored by the PROGNOST®-NT Swift. But a total of 3 reciprocating compressors need to be monitored at the final stage of this project. All machines are 4 throw compressors from 2000. All existing measuring loops of the previous installation should be integrated if possible. Also there are existing servers which need to be modified to be reused to keep costs for this update as low as possible.

PROGNOST approach and solution

The start with the PROGNOST®-NT Swift was the first step back into this project. The customer wanted to understand the problems of his machine and also to have a comparison with his existing monitoring.
A main part of the existing sensors and loops can be used, still installed are 4 x crosshead slide, 4 x cylinder vibration, 6 x pressure und 4 x rod drop sensors on the machine. Only vibration sensors need to be replaced during the PROGNOST®-NT Swift installation in September 2016.