The refinery was considering to install Machine Protection and Condition Monitoring on five 4-throw reciprocating compressors. They were upgrading the production and the stand-by compressors were planned to be in (partial) service to feed the upgrade.

Project scope

This was a turnkey project and all sensor installation and wiring had to be done by PROGNOST Systems in co-operation with our local partner Burckhardt Compression India (Pune). This included in some areas to open ground trenches.

The distance between the compressors and the control room was larger than 500 meters. This required the installation of the PROGNOST®-SILver Machine Protection rack in a explosion-proof housing on the the compressor deck.

PROGNOST approach and solution

The customer ordered dynamic cylinder pressure monitoring. The two smaller compressors did not have a indicator taps. This required us to install valves with extended and drilled center bolts and drill the existing valve covers. Unfortunately some valve cages were fixed with a center bolt that makes it impossible to work with an extended bolt. For these valves new valve cages had to be made. Additionally Kongsberg Sentry® (wireless crosshead pin temps) had to be installed an looped-in