In 2010 our customer started to evaluate a condition monitoring solution in the market. They want to solve pain points on existing machinery and LDPE lines. Within the following five years a lot of discussions and competitive comparison where conducted by the project team. During the assessment phase the direct contact and very good relationship to the customer project team paid out.

Project scope

A total of 13 different machines need to be monitored. This includes three booster primary with three connected hyper compressors (F8 and 2xF10). Four reciprocating compressors and also three Flender gear boxes working in extruder lines.

PROGNOST approach and solution

For the gearboxes we focus on early failure detection. On the reciprocating and hyper compressors the pain points are machine protection (with shutdown feature) and also early failure detection.

Retrofit machinery and also new LDPE lines came to the focus of the condition monitoring solutions.

The machine types and requirements to the monitoring solution result in two different monitoring solutions. On one side we have the PROGNOST®-SILver in connection with the PROGNOST®-NT for the compressors. The flender gear boxes need to be monitored by PROGNOST®-Predictor which is especially for gear boxes.

Finally we build a total of 8 single cabinets. They include a total of 11 server and monitoring computers. All that need to be engineered, installed and maintained.