PTT LNG, Rayong planned to monitor four reciprocating compressors and almost 30 centrifugal pumps in their LNG plant. Two of the compressors are in BOG service and the other in Send-out service. The pumps are in several services: In-tank LNG, high pressure PP and two seawater pumps in Jetty substation.

Thirteen of the pumps and two small BOG reciprocating compressors are monitored with 7 Bently Nevada 3500 racks.

Project scope

PROGNOST Systems have been contracted to provide and commission one protection and monitoring system for all rotating equipment. The scope included not only the retrofit with instrumentation but also to tie-in the existing vibration monitoring hardware.

PROGNOST approach and solution

The PROGNOST protection and monitoring units have been installed at four different locations on the LNG plant to use the existing cabinet rooms. The four reciprocating compressors in send-out service qualified for a full scope instrumentation including vibration, dynamic pressure, rod position, temperature and motor vibration monitoring. The pumps have been equipped with up to six vibration and four temperature sensors, each.

The existing seven Bently Navada 3500 racks protected 13 of the centrifugal pumps based on vibration measurement. To establish a reliable condition monitoring and detection of failure at an early stage, the PROGNOST® system receives a parallel stream of the sensor data via the Buffered Output interface on the Bently Nevada racks. This is a seamless and proven reliable architecture.